Roblox coming to the Nintendo Switch and the PS5?

Roblox Switch PS5


Roblox Corporation CEO confirmed on their most recent investors’ call that Roblox will be coming to a couple of new platforms. As reported by GamesRadar+, Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki said that “Switch, PlayStation, [Oculus] Quest – all of these platforms make perfect sense for Roblox.” Aside from getting into two new consoles, it seems like Roblox‘s multiverse will extend to the virtual reality space as well through the Quest. The ‘game-building platform’ currently exists only on PC, Mobile, and Xbox One. Even with this very limited market, the platform still remains one of the gaming industry’s giants. Hence, an expansion to more consoles will make the gigantic title even bigger.

The free-to-play game builder allows players to exercise their creativity. While playing as one of the game’s many players, gamers can customize their characters, roleplay different jobs, and interact with the millions of other players on Roblox.
Meanwhile, game developers have also made a living out of using the platform’s game builder. One of its most successful offsprings is Adopt Me!. Adopt Me! gets players collecting all manners of in-game pets. This game has a vibrant community and even has its own economy in-game, where players (albeit illegally) can buy and sell their pets to other players with real money. Roblox‘s business model gives 70% of earnings from all transactions made in the developers’ game to the developers. With this business model and the success of Adopt Me!, its creators eventually were able to found their own gaming studio, Uplift Games.

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