Dwyane Wade’s role in cleaning up Donovan Mitchell mess

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Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell hasn’t played since April 16th after suffering an ankle injury. Surprisingly, it’s kept him out longer than expected. He was expected to play on Sunday, but the Jazz ultimately left him sidelined, even though Mitchell was ready to roll.

That decision left the former Louisville standout furious at the organization, especially after losing their series opener to the No. 8 seed Memphis Grizzlies on home court.
So who is going to resolve these problems? It could actually be the new part-owner for the Jazz, Dwayne Wade. According to ESPN, Ryan Smith welcomed in Wade due to his personal history of managing injuries himself and because of the respect he gets from players in today’s NBA. D-Wade has also been in Salt Lake City and is expected to play a key part in resolving this feud with Mitchell, with whom he has a strong relationship.
At this point, this is a really bad situation for the Jazz. Your franchise star is pissed because you won’t let him take the floor and it’s clearly evident you need him. Even though Utah is a top seed, they lack that pure scorer who can consistently put up 25+ per night. Donovan Mitchell does just that.
It’s not even guaranteed that Mitchell will suit up for Game 2. However, it is on Wednesday which gives the Jazz guard more time to rehab and undergo further testing.
Hopefully, Wade can get Mitchell on their side again.

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