Fallout 76 update finally fixes broken enemy spawns

Fallout 76 update


Fallout 76 fans are among the most patient gamers out there. They’ve stuck with Bethesda as Fallout 76 even if it had a rough start. But even they have a limit to what they can endure. For a while now, players have been asking Bethesda to fix the broken enemy spawns. Some enemies won’t spawn after you trigger events that are supposed to spawn them. This makes progressing in some quests and events impossible, a frustrating issue that can break immersion and end play sessions.

Thankfully, this issue’s finally fixed, along with various bugs and issues (yes, there’s still a lot) in Fallout 76‘s latest update. The patch notes read:
Spawning: Fixed an issue that prevented enemies from respawning correctly.
This should fix a lot of the non-spawning enemy issues players experience in the game. Meanwhile, a couple of issues on quests and events in Fallout 76 have also fixed:
Cheating Death: The quest will now correctly progress past the first stage for players who pick up Lou’s note early.
Disarming Discovery: Players will no longer lose 300 Caps when logging in at a certain stage of the quest.
Over and Out: The elevator door at the entrance to the Enclave Research Facility now opens correctly.
A couple of quality-of-life changes have also been introduced, fixing some UI issues and adding clarity to the game. Control issues for the Power Armor have been fixed. The map now also retains the player’s zoom, as well as fixed the Select Respawn Location indicator. Finally, Apparel now has its own category in Vending Machines, separate from Armor.
Fallout 76‘s update comes in different sizes depending on your platform, with the Xbox version as big as 9.40 GB.


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