Jim Davidson’s show ‘axed’ by theatre after rant on Diversity routine

Jim Davidson's show 'axed' by theatre after rant on Diversity routine


Jim has claimed his shows have been a victim of ‘cancellation culture’ (Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage)Comedian Jim Davidson has claimed Torquay’s Princess Theatre has ‘axed’ his shows following his comments on Diversity’s Black Lives Matter performance.
The outspoken comic was set to perform at the theatre in August, having done so for the past 40 years, but has since alleged his views on the dancing troupe’s poignant Britain’s Got Talent performance has now had him banned.
In September the 67-year-old uploaded a video to his channel titled ‘Who needs Diversity?’ in which he complained about the dance routine which resulted in 21,000 complaints to Ofcom.
After previously calling it ‘ridiculous’ and ‘indulgent’, Davidson has now said his postponed Last Man Standing tour has been shafted from the Princess Theatre – but will instead go ahead at the smaller Babbacombe Theatre.
Insisting his comments were taken out of context, and that the reaction is part of the ‘woke’ culture, Devon Live reports Davidson ranted on his YouTube channel called Ustreme: ‘For the first time in 40 years I won’t be playing Torquay’s main theatre.
‘They don’t want me. They said it was the last straw.’

Jim shares his views on his own streaming channelAccording to the publication, the Ambassador Group, which runs the Princess, says it has no comment on why the shows have been cancelled.
It’s reported Davidson went on: ‘The more “woke” people are, the more upset I’ve got to get about it.
‘It’s what I’ve always done, to take the mick out of what is going on.’
He added: ‘How has the management of the Princess Theatre got the right to tell people they’re not going to see Jim Davidson because of what he said about Diversity?
‘What I actually said was not what was reported.
‘People have reacted to a piece of fake news, and it has been the straw that broke the camel’s back.
‘They’re a leftie organisation that run the Princess, and they don’t want to know.’
Branding it ‘cancellation culture’, Davidson claimed ‘someone in London who runs the theatre says they don’t want Jim Davidson any more’.
In his critique of Diversity’s performance, which came in the wake of George Floyd’s murder a year ago, Davidson said: ‘They’re all dressed as BLM people, of course, and they ended up with a policeman’s knee on the neck of a black man.
‘I thought that was the most indulgent piece of stuff I’ve seen in ages. What was the point? Why do we have to re-enact some poor man’s death? I saw it on the day that a black man was charged with murdering someone in Birmingham and injuring quite badly seven other people…
‘Perhaps Diversity should have a look at that shouldn’t they, and not do that f***ing dance in Birmingham around the families. Perhaps you can do it as a little piece for the funeral, that will cheer everybody up. And put in the middle of the dance the fact that all the BLM people are now threatening other people, especially in America, for not putting the fist up or taking the knee.
‘Well don’t f***ing come round South East London, because we don’t want to take the knee. We’ve been growing up with black people around us for years and years and years and there doesn’t seem to be a f***ing problem, until these young millennial people f***ing started.’
Stating he didn’t know what Diversity ‘wanted’ he accused the dance group of not giving a ‘f**k about George’ before complaining ‘you don’t see white couples on adverts anymore, do you? Most TV presenters are non-white. The Golden Girls, that’s being made by black people. Tom and Jerry’s mum will probably be reinstated’.
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Davidson returned to YouTube after his previous videos hit headlines, claiming he was just stating facts.
Asking for his fans to keep supporting him and subscribing to his channel, he said: ‘Let’s show these people that I can’t be bullied, I can’t be shut up, I can’t be kicked off the TV channel because it is my channel.’
Metro.co.uk reached out to the Ambassador Group and reps for Jim Davidson for comment.

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