LeBron James card owner seen flexing $1 million RPA around cards show

LeBron James, LeBron James card


It’s isn’t every day you encounter someone flaunting a million dollars out in the open. But for those who attended the recent Dallas Cards Show, that exactly what they got, albeit in a different manner than what many expected. In a post by Cardporn, Shai Way, an Instagram content creator, flaunted his newest acquisition — a BG 8 2003 Exquisite Rookie Patch Autographed card of the King himself, LeBron James.

This was the craziest thing we saw while at the @dallascardshow… @cardboard_chronicles casually walking around the show holding a one million dollar card and no armoured truck ?
What was the craziest thing you saw or heard at the show? ??‍♂️
?: @shaiwayvlogs #whodoyoucollect pic.twitter.com/zjLcjqdaBH
— cardporn (@cardprn) May 24, 2021

In a video streamed right before it was posted, Way was asking his viewers whether he should go on and purchase the insanely-priced slab. Right before the video ended, he said sold, confirming the transaction.
This particular LeBron James offering is one of the most popular and priciest grails in the card market. In July of 2020, a BGS 9.5 copy of this James RPA card sold for $1.8 million. At that time, it set the record for being the most expensive modern sports card in the industry.

This LeBron James card just sold at @GoldinAuctions for $1.8 million, the record for a modern day card.
Winner is @LeoreAvidar, who says purchase is part of strategy to “bring something big to the collectibles and alternative asset business in the coming months.” pic.twitter.com/rN9lepvVpE
— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) July 19, 2020

Just last month, an even rarer variant of the card Way purchased in the video became the highest-priced basketball card in the market today. A BGS 9 LeBron James RPA parallel card, which is limited to 23 copies, was auctioned and sold by PWCC for $5.2 million.
Now that the Los Angeles Lakers are playing with a healthy roster, James’ chance of repeating as NBA champions this year has gotten stronger. This makes Way’s recent purchase a possibly good move for the long term, as the card in question has the potential to reach new heights in the coming weeks.

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