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xQc will be back in GTA RP in a few days thanks to second NoPixel server


Chin up, xQc fans. Your master of mischief will be back in a GTA Online RP server in just a few days’ time. What’s even better is that he’s coming back to a NoPixel server – a second one at least.

BREAKING: xQc has just announced that there will be a Nopixel 3.0 sister server that he will be participating in. The server will have lower fines, higher crime payout, and will be pay to access!
— xQcOWUpdates (@xQcOWUpdates) May 30, 2021

As reported by Dexerto, popular Twitch streamer xQc just announced his return to GTA RP streaming. This follows just a few days after he got banned by the NoPixel server because of the chaos and mayhem he brings. He reveals that he got into talks with NoPixel’s founder Koil. Unlike the original server, the new NoPixel server will have fewer rules, more crime, and will be free to the public. “They’re doing a second NoPixel server,” says xQc on-stream. The payout for crime will be higher and the fines will be lower, he shared. With these specifications, it would be unlikely that xQc will get banned again for doing the same stuff he’s been doing.

As to when he can start playing on this new server, he reveals what Koil told him. “I’ve talked to Koil off-stream, and he says that the server is already ready,” says xQc. “It’s gonna take one day or two, and it’s going to be up and running.”
Of course, this news elated his fans, who went wild on his Twitch stream after his announcement. His fans had to endure the GTA RP-less streams for the past few days, as xQc tried playing a variety of games like Subnautica. However, xQc knows that his fans want him to continue playing GTA RP, and his talks with Koil will allow him to do that more. However, he remains banned in the original NoPixel server.

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