Battlefield 6 Video Game Will Be Unveiled Next Week

Battlefield 6 Video Game Will Be Unveiled Next Week

A sequel to the beloved Battlefield series will be officially announced next week. Battlefield 6 has long been in the rumor mill. EA has given people small hints to the video game. Yet, no 100% confirmation of what the game would be about has been made apparent, until the recent news. Story, campaign, and most importantly, gameplay details have not been announced yet.
Fans will finally have concrete proof of the newest installment to the franchise. From the series’ official Twitter account, a teaser video was posted. The future announcement will take place on June 9. To be more specific time-wise, the reveal will be at 7 am Pacific / 10 am Eastern / 3pm U.K. time. For those outside, the United Kingdom the 3 pm time means the reveal will come to them on June 10.
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#Battlefield RevealJune 9— Battlefield (@Battlefield) June 1, 2021The teaser video from today did not reveal cutscenes or gameplay footage. Details such as those will most likely come on the 9th. Other aspects do exist within the teaser. Viewers can notice a bright blue logo. Additionally, some glitchy visual effects and a new version of the franchise’s famous theme are noticeable. Maybe the iconic series will be taken in a new direction. The visuals could indicate that technology will play a key role in the story. While Battlefield 1 looked to the past, the upcoming sixth entry could use a more recent or future setting.
Last week, game footage was leaked. However, Electronic Arts was quick to discuss that the content would not be representative of the actual upcoming trailer. The leaked material was described as being internal footage. While it is possible the content could be a part of the actual game, it will not be involved in the announcement next week. Fans and critics alike have not seen what the game has to offer.

Previous sources thought that information could be revealed in June. Facts were expected to come out during the month. However, there was not an exact date known by industry insiders. We now know that speculation to be accurate with the Twitter teaser. Last month, on May 10, the social media account created a post that read, “Words that rhyme with soon: June Boom.” In hindsight, this was probably the first indication of when the ultimate reveal for a new entry would come.
In 2019, Battlefield’s publisher EA talked how a new part of the series would not come in 2020. This broke the franchise’s tradition of yearly releases. A reason was not given, though the reception of the fifth game was a likely cause. Battlefield 5was not considered a high point in the franchise by fans or critics alike. Developer DICE was discussed as going back to the drawing board. The company probably wanted to take time to do better in future installments. Fortunately for fans,Battlefield 6 is expected to come in 2021.
Small tidbits of information have been made apparent by EA over the past year. The publisher explained how the new title would take full advantage of the PS5 and Xbox Series X systems. After the reveal of a Battlefield mobile game, DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson mentioned how it “has the biggest team in series history working on Battlefield 6 and that a reveal would happen soon.”
More people working on the entry could prove to be positive for those who just want something good to play. It sounds like EA and DICE have taken criticisms of the last entry to heart. One can hope improvements are made to the sixth part of the popular IP. A couple screenshots were leaked online in the time since Gabrielson’s discussion. With E3 also coming this month, perhaps EA believes information should be revealed in the short term. They might not want to have people speculating when a wealth of trailers and announcements will arrive soon.

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