Terrence Ross reveals his Lamborghini Urus was stolen, crashed

Terrence Ross Lamborghini Magic stolen


Orlando Magic sharpshooter Terrence Ross may not be playing in the NBA playoffs, but things haven’t been as peaceful as simply going fishing.

The 9-year NBA veteran detailed the shocking story of exactly how his limited-edition Lamborghini Urus was taken for a joyride and eventually crashed on the side of a building. While that did allow them to catch the culprits, the ensuing damage totally wrecked the vehicle. The car was a birthday surprise for Ross after turning 30, and judging by the way he broke down the story, he was clearly infatuated with it.
Listen to Terrence Ross tell the story himself:

Such a frustrating experience for the Magic star, who simply brought it in the shop to fix up a flat tire. Terrence Ross can definitely get himself a new one, given that he signed a 4-year, 54 million dollar contract with Orlando back in 2019. But the car itself costs a couple hundred thousand dollars, and that’s still not money to sneeze at.
At the same time, the vehicle he got was limited-edition, which will be hard for him to acquire without a lengthy search. Make sure to keep your Lamborghinis safe, folks!

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