Tim Tebow signing could blow up in Urban Meyer’s face

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Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars shocked the NFL when they signed former QB Tim Tebow to a one-year deal last month. Craziest part? He’s playing as a tight end. While the move reunites Meyer with his former player from the University of Florida, it also came with its fair share of criticism.

Former Pro Bowl linebacker Takeo Spikes, who played in the league for 15 years, says the Jaguars players could be having some second thoughts about Meyer because of the decision.
“I don’t think you can lose the locker room unless you do more moves like that. I will say it will raise the attentive of everybody inside of that Jaguars locker room and it will make them question you as the coach,” Spikes said on the Jake Asman Show.
“I get you want to sell tickets and create an uproar, but at the same time, it don’t matter if you’re not winning games. If he can’t help us win games, you need to clearly explain, articulate what’s going on so you don’t lose (the team).”
Tim Tebow hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2012 after spending the last few years trying his luck at professional baseball. While none of Tebow’s money is guaranteed, he is getting a shot, with Meyer already praising his development at TE. However, the veteran will have lots of competition and it remains to be seen if he will actually get on the field.
Nevertheless, the Jaguars’ decision to give Tebow a chance is still questionable. Spikes is just one of many to voice that.

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