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Thelma & Louise 30th Anniversary Drive-in Event Will Reunite Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon


It is thirty years since Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis made an iconic movie moment and drove their car off a cliff to the backdrop of police cars and helicopters in Ridley Scott’s Thelma & Louise. Now, in celebration, the pair are reuniting for the movie’s milestone anniversary at a special drive in event on June 18th. In addition to giving the actresses’ many fans, and those of the movie, something special to mark the occasion, the event will also raise money for The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and the LA Regional Food Bank.
The event will begin with an in-depth conversation with the movie’s leads, to be moderated by Rebecca Keegan of The Hollywood Reporter, who are expected to recall their experiences filming the movie and other behind the scenes information that fans may or may not be aware of. Keegan shared the news of the event on her own Twitter account, commenting that she remembers “watching Thelma & Louise at 14 at the mall with my big sister and feeling a sense of freedom, excitement, of wind in my hair, of being awake.” Her feelings were most likely mirrored by many who saw the movie three decades ago and certainly let to it still being deemed a classic today.
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I remember watching Thelma & Louise at 14 at the mall with my big sister and feeling a sense of freedom, excitement, of wind in my hair, of being awake.I’ll be moderating this conversation with Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon at the Greek for the film’s 30th anniversary. Come! https://t.co/RlpODM0EeP— Rebecca Keegan (@ThatRebecca) June 3, 2021Following the intimate talk, the film will be screened at sundown for the drive-in audience, allowing them to once again see the pair become unintentional outlaws after killing a man and going on the run across the Southwest, always heading towards their fateful meeting with the Grand Canyon. Among the many highlights the movie has to offer, we should not forget that it also features Brad Pitt in one of his earliest movie roles, as well as great turns by Harvey Keitel and Michael Madsen.
The reaction of audiences when the movie was released in 1991 is something that Geena Davis remembers, not only in that it made a success of the movie, but on her own career choices following it. She said, “What was so striking was the intense reaction to the film. Thelma and Louise end up driving off a cliff, and still viewers felt exhilarated by their story. It made me realize how few opportunities we give women to come out of a movie feeling inspired and empowered by the female characters. It changed everything about how I chose roles moving forward.”

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Susan Sarandon, who like Davis has gone on to be one of cinema’s iconic stars, was quick to add that they had no idea what kind of impact the movie was going to have culturally for the following thirty years. “When we were filming Thelma & Louise thirty years ago, we had no idea the kind of cultural impact it would continue to have for decades,” she commented. “At the time, it was revolutionary to have two women in a film that weren’t enemies and were having fun together on screen. I think that’s been one of the biggest breakthroughs – today there are so many brilliant female actors making films where women aren’t adversarial to each other and have the power to determine their own destiny.”
On its release, Thelma & Louise came under fire for negatively portraying men – proving that while the subject may vary, such controversies have not changed over the years – but went on to be a critical success, receiving six Oscar nods, including Best Actress nominations for both Davis and Sarandon, which still makes it the most recent movie to have two leads nominated in the same Best Actor or Best Actress category. The 30th Anniversary Drive-In takes place at Cinespia’s Greek Theater and sold out all of its $75 tickets soon after being originally announced. This news originated at The Hollywood Reporter.

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