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Gamactica App


Imagine a social media website that connects streamers from all streaming platforms. Imagine keeping tabs on all of your favorite streamers from popular platforms like Twitch, Facebook, Youtube. Then, add the other streamers on the more niche platforms like DLive and Caffeine. That’s basically Gamactica, the “ultimate social media community website & marketing platform for streamers.”

What is Gamactica?
Gamactica is a social media platform for streamers, gamers, cosplayers, and esports practitioners. If LinkedIn allows you to add people to your professional network, Gamactica does the same thing for your esports and gaming contacts. The platform allows you to keep your gaming and esports contacts in one place, especially if you want to keep your Facebook and Twitter accounts private to just close friends and family.
“Our members share their content, update the community when they go live, connect with other streamers, build and manage teams, and keep the Gamactica universe up-to-date on their channel,” says the platform’s About Us page.
Gamactica is also the best place to find new up-and-coming streamers and keeping tabs on your favorite streamers from all platforms. The platform’s one-of-a-kind Stream Directory lets you explore all kinds of streamers, personalized to your tastes. If you’re a streamer yourself, you can benefit from the Stream Directory by sharing your info on your page, with your live broadcast embedded on your page 24/7. Your fans can leave reviews and feedback on your page, letting others know why they should follow you.
Basic membership is free – just like any other social media platform. But there are also paid features for premium services and benefits.
Gamactica Premium Benefits and Features
Gamactica has a lot of features that you can’t find anywhere else.
Stream Directory – Gamactica’s Stream Directory is the “ultimate directory of Twitch streams, YouTube streams, Cosplay Streams, and Merchants.” It’s your one-stop shop for everything you need in live streaming, both as a broadcaster and as a fan. The website has a specialized marketing team that ensures that the right audience finds your streamer profile. This also works the other way around – you’re sure to find only streamers matching your taste while browsing the directory on your own. The Stream Directory compartmentalizes streamers into different categories, allowing you to browse different kinds of content creators efficiently. Gamactica’s LIVE page can feature select streamers, giving them exposure to over a hundred LIVE channels on the platform.
Twitch Marketing Support – For Twitch streamers and content creators, you can benefit from Gamactica’s specialized Twitch Marketing Support. Streamers can benefit from improved traffic and engagement from the platform’s users. Exposure will no longer be an issue for you, as networks of Elite Rank Media, Sports Rants, and Sudairy give marketing support to Gamactica. The best streamers even get the chance to be featured on the websites mentioned, improving your chances to get ahead of the competition.
Esports Teams and Organizations Support – Unlike other social media platforms, Gamactica also offers exclusive services catered towards esports teams and organizations. “Teams that are Partnered with Gamactica can submit press releases, announcements that have a chance to hit our news cycles on Sports Rants and/or Sudairy,” reads Gamactica’s website.
Game Developer Directory – Going beyond esports and streaming, the social media platform also features a game developer directory. This allows game developers direct access to the gaming community, getting live feedback from the community they aim to serve. The platform can help promote the developers’ games by giving them direct access to streamers and teams, making it easier for them to strike deals and partnerships with the platform’s most popular performers.
Gamactica App launched for iOS and Android Devices
The Gamactica App has also just recently arrived on smartphone devices. This way, you can access your contacts and watch streamers right on your phone. The best part is you don’t even have to switch between different apps now to watch streamers from different platforms. You can do everything in just one app – the Gamactica App.
“With the launch of our mobile app, we are able to take Gamactica to the next level,” says Anthony DiMoro, Founder and CEO of Gamactica LLC. “We believe we are the next innovation in the industry, and we are solving the issues of discoverability and industry-specific networking. Our mobile app makes it easy to share updates, build your following, network, and market your channel and gaming brand. We have made incredible strides to provide a true need and a much-needed resource to the community. As the streaming industry continues to boom, we want to ensure that everyone from the small, mid, to large streamers, esports teams, and brands can have a dedicated platform that not only improves their networking but gives them a marketing tool that impacts their branding.”
You can download the Gamactica App on the Apple Play Store and the Google Play Store.

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