3 Titans players who benefit most from Julio Jones blockbuster trade

Julio Jones, Titans


The Tennessee Titans made a blockbuster trade by acquiring superstar wide receiver Julio Jones from the Falcons. Jones finally got his wish and will head to a contender. The offense is bound to become more explosive with the addition of Jones.

Jones is a seven-time Pro Bowler and has been a prolific weapon for many years. He didn’t have a typical season but he missed multiple games throughout the season. Jones will instantly elevate the offensive play and it will benefit other players on the roster.
Here are three Titans players who benefit most from the Julio Jones blockbuster trade.
Titans who will prosper:
3. Running back Derrick Henry
Derrick Henry is one of the hardest running backs to stop and bringing in elite passing targets will make it even harder. The Titans like to use run pass options in the offense and the threat of Jones will make Henry more dangerous. It will be very tough for opposing teams to limit Henry next season as it will free up the passing game. Although they might not be considered the favorites in the AFC, the Titans will be tough to beat.
2. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill
Ryan Tannehill has revitalized his career over the past two seasons with the Titans. Tannehill now has one of the best receivers in the league to throw to which will help him become even better. Although Tannehill isn’t a top quarterback in the league, he is above average and with talent around him he could take a team to the Super Bowl.
Jones will help Tannehill become a better player as he provides a sure target to throw to. Jones has so many strengths to his game including being a deep threat, route runner, and a red zone target. While he is 32 years old, Jones is still a hard cover for any cornerback in the league.
1. Wide receiver A.J. Brown
A.J. Brown has proved himself to be a number one wide receiver in the league through his first two seasons. He now has the chance to become even better as he won’t get as much attention with Jones on offense. Brown and Jones will make for a killer duo at wide receiver for the Titans. They will be tough covers for any team in the NFL.
Brown had 1,000-plus-yard receiving numbers in both of his seasons and will likely continue this in 2021 with the Titans. Jones is such a threat to opposing defenses that it will be hard to take attention off him and onto Brown. This wide receiver duo paired with Henry at running back will be near impossible for anyone to stop.
Look for Brown to become a solidified star next to Jones this season.
The Titans offense is bound to be near the top of the league this season. They already possessed many weapons before the trade but the addition of Jones will take the offense to a whole new level.
Although the Kansas City Chiefs have a great offense the Titans may be the best in the AFC next season.
The Titans are a real threat to other contenders in the AFC like the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. Opposing teams need to start game planning now if they are going to have a shot of containing this offense.
If the Titans defense is above average then the team should be able to win many games. Look for the Titans to be real Super Bowl contenders this season.

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