Floyd Mayweather’s perfect response on ‘losing’ to Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul, Jake Paul


Jake Paul and a lot of people are calling Floyd Mayweather the loser of his exhibition match with Logan Paul. However, the retired boxers could only laugh at his haters while sleeping on his boatload of cash.

While Mayweather failed to knock out Logan to the disappointment of spectators, it doesn’t really matter to him since he has nothing left to prove. With a 50-0 professional boxing record, Mayweather’s legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all time is all but cemented.
Nonetheless, for those critics thinking he lost, he has just one message for them: count the money.

“When the money comes, we’ll see whose the real winner.”⁰⁰Floyd Mayweather on his hall of fame boxing career and not having anything to prove.
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— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) June 7, 2021

Now that is the perfect clapback to shut down the haters. The fight was an exhibition bout made for entertainment and money, and with regards to the latter, Floyd Mayweather comes out as the real winner.
Imagine winning millions of dollars just for 24 minutes of throwing some punches and getting hugs from a YouTuber and wannabe-boxer. According to reports, Mayweather is guaranteed a $10 million base payment for just accepting the fight. His fight purse could reach up to $100 million depending on pay-per-views, since he is guaranteed 50 percent of PPV earnings.
As for Logan Paul? His base payment is $250,000 and just 10 percent of the PPV earnings.
With that fact alone, Floyd Mayweather is right. The winner is pretty clear.

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