9 Solutions to Make Your Dorm Room Design Functional

9 Solutions to Make Your Dorm Room Design Functional

Decorating your room is a fun process. You can create a unique environment where you can thrive. But adjusting the dorm room may be a difficult process because of the limited space. This article will help you if you are looking for design solutions that can make your dorm room more functional.
Do Not Overpack Clothes
If you are planning to move to a dormitory, then the first recommendation would be to avoid an overpack. You probably really want to bring clothes for all occasions. The right decision would be to carry a minimum of wardrobe with you. 
There is usually very little space in a dorm and you don’t want to waste it storing clothes. Remember, you can always go home on breaks and take the necessary clothes with you. Meanwhile, the use of space just for keeping all your clothes in the room will reduce the chances of achieving the goal of having a functional design.
Segment Your Space For Different Activities
To be successful, you need to focus on one activity at a time. Segment space as you do in your education when you ask experts from “write a paper for me” if your assignment is too complicated. 
So, be mindful of your future activities and the places designated for them. Decide where you will rest, study, and socialize and where you will do all other sorts of things. You need to understand what you are trying to achieve to organize the space effectively.
Rearrange the Furniture
You’re probably going to have too much furniture in your dormitory, especially when you have a roommate. You need to figure out how you can rearrange it if you want your place to be more functional. 
Try to move furniture so that it doesn’t stand in your way and performs as many functions as possible. You can combine two or three types of furniture in one. For example, your chair can have a storage box. Or your door can have a clothes hanger. Experiment with your environment.
Utilize Your Bed at Maximum
Lift your bed if you are allowed to do so. You’ll have so much more space if you put your stuff underneath it. You can put boxes, storage bins or drawers there. Or you can adjust your bed higher and put a dresser, a desk, or even a small couch beneath it. 
Also, use the area above your bed. Add shelves over it to keep books and small items. This design solution will free up a lot of space for you.
Manage Your Cables
If you manage your cables properly, it will make your place prettier and more functional. At first, if you use extension cords, try to zip tie them somewhere. It can be your table or your bed, for example. You can label the end of each charger if you share an extension cord with your roommate. This simple solution will save you from any confusion. 
The second tip is to keep track of cords with binder clips. Add a few binder clips on the side of your desk and thread the chargers through the loops. This trick will keep your cords accessible and organized as well.
Put Up a Whiteboard
When you live with a roommate, at some point, you will need to leave a note for them. For them to see your warning or not to forget your request, you need to make it more noticeable. Put up a whiteboard or a corkboard near the front door. Also, you can attach a directory with the information useful for both of you. This way, important information will be visible and easy to reach.
Put Your Stuff in Baskets and Organizers
Baskets are your best friends when you try to get rid of a mess in your dormitory room. They make everything look organized and neat. If you want to, you can label them. It will help you quickly find things. 
Organizers are great tools as well. You can keep small items and writing utensils inside of them. Put them on your desk to make your place look cuter.
Use the Walls of Your Room
Walls are usually left empty, yet, they can be used to store things or display information. Buy wall grids and clipboards. By hanging them on the walls, you can not only effectively use the space, but also design the interior in the preferred style.
Final Words
With all that being said, don’t over-decorate your place. A cluttered room is a cluttered mind. It’s gonna cause inconvenience if you have too many decorations and not too much storage space. Try to find the balance that suits you and your dorm room.

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