Who is the Loki of the NBA?

Loki, Marcus Smart, Rajon Rondo, Grayson Allen, Chris Paul


With the hit new Disney + series Loki now streaming and the NBA playoffs in full swing, let’s break down all the candidates who are primed to be considered the Loki of the NBA. These are four players who can both be very much liked or hated, but at all times will have a bag full of tricks up their sleeve. They can be a huge asset or major liability to their team or the opponent—either way, these unpredictable and highly skilled players are never taken lightly. So without further delay, let’s find out who these league-wide menaces are.

Chris Paul
The point god, or in this case, the point god of mischief is an absolute nightmare for opposing defenses and has been for over a decade. Always alternating between breaking defender’s ankles, knocking down clutch shots, and setting up his teammates beautifully, CP3 has always had a bag of tricks up his sleeve and continues to fool the league every season.
Not to mention he’s one of the toughest and most sound defenders the league has ever seen. He’s set a league record by getting 7 NBA all-defensive first-team selections. This form of sorcery just further goes to show that any team he goes to improves immensely, and with all this treachery and highly efficient play, he’s currently leading his Phoenix Suns to a dominant 2-0 series lead over the Denver Nuggets.
The Suns have definitely been the pleasant surprise of the regular season and the playoffs. With them being just two games away from their first conference finals appearance in 11 years, it’ll be exciting to see what other types of wizardry Chris Paul will come up with over their next two games.
Rajon Rondo
Arguably one of the hardest players to read in the NBA, Rondo has made a name for himself as the ultimate postseason threat nobody wants to see in a first-round playoff series. Seeing as he has helped lead multiple teams to the promised land and even pulled off a few upsets along the way through magical ball handling, scrappy defense, and his all-powerful playmaking abilities.
Rondo has even had a history of instigating altercations. His manipulative and fiery style of play has made him the ultimate wild card point guard that should never be overlooked. With his on-court antics and incredible court awareness, all opposing playoff teams should beware of the almighty legend known only as playoff Rondo. Perhaps Rondo can be called Loki Rondo.
Grayson Allen
He’s as aggressive and volatile a player as you can have on your roster, but he’s also a gritty, hard-nosed defender that can knock down the 3-ball. Grayson Allen is committing all sorts of sorcerous activity in the NBA with his slashing ability and ever-growing mid-range game.
Come next season, he might magically develop new tricks of the trade with sound passing while becoming the consistent scoring punch the Grizzles need off the bench. He’s a stellar magician with all kinds of disruptive potions at his disposal, and come next season, these powers may be further unleashed.
Marcus Smart
When it comes to aggressive and defensive-minded superhumans, Marcus Smart fits the bill as well as anybody. His unique blend of wizardry that comes in defensive versatility and stellar playmaking has made him one of the most skilled players in the league. Let’s not forget about his tough-guy acumen that tends to rub a lot of his opponents the wrong way.
His never-back-down mentality tends to cause lots of altercations, but with his offensive production and defensive capabilities always intact, the Boston Celtics can never complain. For his antics are the way of the mischievous basketball sorcerer whose all-powerful 3-and-D style and playmaking powers are always a threat whether it’s the regular season or the playoffs.
Nonetheless, all of these players have a legitimate case to be dubbed as the Loki of the NBA.

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