Create Amazing Intro Videos With These 7 Amazing Tools For Free

Create Amazing Intro Videos With These 7 Amazing Tools For Free

In today’s world, there is no dearth of entertainment options, and people are on the constant lookout for immersive video content. More than 500 hours of video content are uploaded on YouTube every day. Hence, when a viewer does not enjoy the first few seconds of a video, they have the luxury of skimming past and moving to something more enjoyable.
As a result, it becomes important for you to ensure that the first 15 to 20 seconds of your video are so engaging that they hold the audience glued to the screen. If you are leveraging YouTube for marketing purposes, this section should establish your brand identity. The use of the brand logo, colors, and tagline in the intro helps improve the impact of the video.
For personal videos, the intro gives a sneak into what the video has to offer. Since the intro helps the viewer form a first impression of the video, you cannot afford to compromise on its quality. Luckily for you, there are several intro maker tools available in the digital world. While some of these tools burn a hole in your wallet, others get the job done for free. In this article, we will discuss the top seven free intro-making tools.

When you are not keen on going through the hassle of creating an intro from scratch, then InVideo is a perfect choice. The tool has more than 5000 handcrafted templates, and you can identify the one that is the latest for your intro mood. The media library of InVideo is diverse and gives you access to thousands of images, GIFs, music, and more.
If you do get stuck at any point of the intro-making journey, you can direct your queries to the tech support team and expect a prompt response from them. There may be situations when multiple members of your team may need to collaborate on an intro creation activity. With the unlimited team member addition facility of InVideo, it will be a cakewalk for you to ensure collaborative work. InVideo is one of the few tools in the market that allows you to create intros in more than 70 vernacular languages.
Renderforest has more than 50,000 intro templates for you to choose from. You can then customize them by making a pick from the library of fonts, soundtracks, graphics, and images. Renderforest is a comprehensive tool that offers features that extend beyond intro creation.
With this tool, you can design your logo, website or create full-fledged videos. Renderforest has both free as well as paid versions. The free version allows you to create unlimited 3-minute videos and comes with 500 MB of storage. The interface has several advanced editing features and maybe slightly confusing to amateur video editors.

If you are keen on a tool that has a beginner-friendly interface but creates studio-quality videos, then Biteable is a perfect choice. You can either use the mobile version of the app or choose to edit your intros online. The free version of this tool gives you access to more than 800,000 media clips and lets you create up to 10 videos.
To create an intro, you need to make a pick from the wide range of intro and outro templates. Biteable gives you tonnes of tools and special features to tweak and edit the template to your taste.  After you are satisfied with the personalization, you can save the intro video and use it for your marketing needs.
Filmora 9
Wondershare presents Filmora 9 as an excellent intro creation tool that can be downloaded into the computer. The tool is one of the simplest professional editors and has a detailed guide that will help you navigate your way around it. Filmora 9 can be downloaded on Windows as well as Mac OS to create high-quality professional videos.
The free version of this tool has a decent template and media choice, and you can create professional marketing intros. However, the intros created with this version come with a default watermark. When you opt for the premium version of the tool, you can do away with the watermark.

Flixpress is a dedicated intro creation tool that is loaded with advanced features. It supports 3D object editing and has dedicated 3D assets for animated videos, photos, and texts. It is one of the few free tools to give you access to a VideoFX library. Flixpress has a fully customizable multi-layout editable feature and allows you complete customization of the templates.
The free version allows you to create videos up to 2 minutes long in 360p. This is sufficient for creating intro videos. The best part of using Flixpress to create your intros is the fact that the interface is highly intuitive, and you can create the video in a matter of minutes.
Crello is the preferred video editing tool for those people who want to create something unique. The tool has over 25,000 templates, and you can add animations and customize them in any way that you like. Crello offers more than 140 million stock images, and you can add objects, tweak the background, and make amends to any image that you choose to work on.
Further, access to 30,000 graphic options gives you creative liberty on how you want the video to pan out. Crello is one of the few tools that allows you to upload your fonts and designs and create stunning videos even with its free version. The free version of Crello can also help you create a brand logo, design posters and graphics, plan social media content and do a lot more.
The media library of Ivipid is not as vast as that of most other tools mentioned in this list. The simple interface, coupled with a limited template choice, makes it easy for you to make a pick. Ivipid is a straightforward tool that is an ideal choice for bloggers, local businesses, and start-ups.
Although Ivipid is not free, its subscription is $1.99, and that qualifies in the almost-free category of intro-making tools. You do not need prior editing experience to use this tool, thus making it a preferred choice for businesses that cannot afford to outsource their work. You do not need to download any external tool and can use Ivipid on any device.
With the tools discussed above, you can create high-quality intros that will add weight to your videos. When you share such edited videos on YouTube or other social media platforms, it will cause your viewers to take your business seriously. That way, you will build a professional image of your brand and use that impression to drive the success story forward.

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