The Suns are the Lamar Odom to the Nuggets’ Aaron Carter

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The human civilization enjoyed at least two things on Friday: the celebrity boxing match between former Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom and singer Aaron Carter and the second round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs, which featured Game 3 of the Phoenix Suns-Denver Nuggets series.  Well, maybe “enjoyed” is too much of an adjective because A.) the Odom vs. Carter was a complete joke and B.) the Suns hammered yet another dominant win to dig the Nuggets a hole that’s historically meant virtual elimination. 

Phoenix has been untouched in the series, thus far. The Nuggets couldn’t solve the haymakers the Suns have been throwing at them since Chris Paul and company authored a crippling second-half run back in Game 1. If you saw the Odom-Carter fight, Carter actually had some success in the early goings but it didn’t take long for the retired NBA star to realize that he’s about a thousand inches taller than the I Want Candy singer. 
Here’s the account of the first round via
“Odom coming out trying to assert the jab. Now Carter gets inside and is tagging Odom with rights and lefts to the head. Wow. He’s trying to chop down Odom. The former NBA star gets back to the outside and nails Carter with a right jab and left hook that drops the singer/songwriter. Carter doesn’t have his legs. He clinches and survives the round.”
And here’s how things went down basically in the second round:
“Odom jabbing Carter, who gets spun around. He’s also spinning around voluntarily, wild and out of control … kind of like this celebrity boxing match as a whole. Liddell calls time and is giving Carter a quick warning. Repeated, unanswered lefts drop Carter yet again. He’s shaking his head ‘no’ on one knee as Liddell counts. As Liddell hits seven and then eight on the count, Carter tells him he’s quitting. It’s over!”
Carter once sang about how he beat Shaq, but dude couldn’t even last the distance against Odom, who seemingly had more trouble keeping his shorts up than taking care of business inside the ring on Friday. 
In a way, that is what’s happening to the Suns-Nuggets series. Nikola Jokic’s Denver unit looked small when pitted against Phoenix. The Nuggets are lacking firepower and don’t have the defense to keep the Suns’ jabs from turning into power punches.
Aaron Gordon has pretty much turned into Aaron Carter, as he looks lost on the court in the second round. Gordon scored four points in Game 3, while shooting a horrible 2 of 10 from the floor. Prior to that, he coughed up just six points in Game 2. In a game the Nuggets couldn’t afford to lose because no NBA team has ever come back from a 0-3 hole, Gordon threw punches that mostly landed in the air. 
Of course, the Nuggets can still turn things around. They have the 2021 NBA MVP in Jokic and maybe Gordon, Michael Porter Jr., and Monte Morris can all play great at the same time, but even the Nuggets themselves couldn’t deny how big of an obstacle it is to steal the series where they’re down 0-3 from the rampaging Suns, who are just toying with them at this point.
The Suns-Nuggets series is now just a matter of when Phoenix will end it.


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