Dynasty Warriors Trailer Turns the Iconic Game Into a Netflix Action Epic This July

Dynasty Warriors Trailer Turns the Iconic Game Into a Netflix Action Epic This July

Video game fans have another film adaptation to look forward to, this time coming from the Dynasty Warriors series. The first Dynasty Warriors video game was released back in 1997, and now has a total of nine releases. The franchise has finally jumped to the big screen thanks to director Roy Hin Yeung Chow. This action epic was released internationally in April 2021. The film will make it’s way to Netfilx on July 1 of this year, and a 2-minute trailer has been unleashed in anticipation of the video game adaptation’s big streaming debut.
The Netflix epic, clocking in at a final runtime of an hour and fifty-seven minute, has a 4.7 star rating out of 10 on imbd. While the film does have a relatively low rating, it is still expected to gain a large number of views on Netflix due to the intense fanbase surrounding the series. Releasing nine games in 25 years tends to build anticipation for events such as this.
So what can you expect from the movie? Have a look at the trailer, and you will have a very good impression of what you can look forward to. Over the top action, cheesy special effects, and a ridiculous storyline are all in store. So why make the effort to tune in for this one? Because it might just be the best video game movie ever made.
Well, maybe not the best video game movie ever made, but certainly the MOST video game movie ever made. There may not be any film in existence that is so true to the original video game that it is based off of. Fans of the franchise are well aware the button-mashing, 1 vs 1000 fighting gameplay of the series, and if the trailer indicates anything, the movie will certainly run just like the rest of the franchise! Everything from the combos, weapons, characters, bantering dialogue, and even camera angles from the game make an appearance in the trailer. Fans of the series are even quick to notice the music that is playing during the first look footage. That guitar solo is on par with some major scenes from the games.

Dynasty Warriors was theatrically released in April of 2021 and lasted in movie theatres for two weeks. The film grossed $2.4 million in China during that time, and pulled in another $700 000 from it’s release in Hong Kong for a total of $3.19 million worldwide. The film’s short time in theatres during a world-wide pandemic certainly had an effect on those numbers.
The film has a talented list of actors with plenty of experience, mostly with foreign films of similar genres. Wang Kai plays Cao Cao, Louis Koo takes on the role of Lu Bu, and Geng Hang plays Gaun Yu. Geng Hang is probably the most recognizable actor to the North American audience as he can be spotted playing a small role in the film, Transformers: Age of Extinction. 
Are you a fan of the video game franchise? If so, you have likely already seen the movie, or will be patiently waiting for it’s debut on Netflix next month. If you are not already a fan, this film may still be worth checking out. You may just become a fan of the games through the movie, or simply enjoy it for what it is. Watch the trailer, and be sure to check out Dynasty Warriors on Netflix on July 1.

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