Fake LeBron James card worth a fortune pulled out by huge auction firm

LeBron James fake card


Without a doubt, the sharp rise in value and demand for sports cards have driven the market to insane heights during the past few months. Businesses, such as Goldin Auctions, have capitalized on this trend to make the hobby more visible and accessible to new collectors. While they’ve been doing great for the most part, this company isn’t exempt from some mishaps along the way, even involving LeBron James cards.

In a recent post by Ken Goldin, president of Goldin Auctions, it was announced that a 2003 Exquisite Collection LeBron James Rookie Patch Auto was pulled out from an auction due to authenticity issues. He explained that Upper Deck, the company that produced this card, is not so sure if the patch contained within is real or not. This comes after they expressed confidence two years ago that the patch is authentic, Goldin added.
This development came about after Cardporn, a social media account dedicated to card collecting, and several hobbyists sent evidence of tampering to Goldin himself. After reviewing the proof, the card was withdrawn and he thanked those who helped averted this potential disaster.
In a reply to Goldin’s post, Cardporn claimed Goldin’s decision was right and called on Beckett Grading Services to remove the slab’s serial number from their registry. This should be done to confirm the authenticity of the card’s patch.
If it weren’t for the intervention of concerned hobbyists, someone would have spent a considerable amount of money on a questionable LeBron James card. Fortunately, there are those who love the hobby too much to prevent this kind of trouble from happening in the first place.


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