Trese’s Shocking Season 1 Ending, Explained..!!!

Trese's Shocking Season 1 Ending, Explained..!!!

Netflix’s Trese holds numerous dull insider facts as Alexandra Trese, a powerful agent, attempts to stop a conflict fermenting between the paranormal hidden world and humankind. In Manila, the shamed Mayor Santamaria winds up in prison for illegal exploitation and different wrongdoings attached to huge groups, breaking the agreements Alexandra’s dad set up years sooner to guarantee animals and humanity could exist in harmony.

Notwithstanding, as Santamaria keeps on unleashing heavenly devastation in jail and get self-destruction aircraft outwardly to cause harm, Alexandra collaborates with General Villar and the military to take him out for the last time. It’s the best way to save the Philippines, which prompts a wild finale that stones all that Alexandra knew.
Santamaria is really working with Nuno, an Earth natural who Alexandra thought was her source.
Both need to consume the country so Nuno can dispose of opponent beasts, while Santamaria would reconstruct the spot in his picture and bring in cash. Nonetheless, when Alex blows the two of them up utilizing the Fire basic known as Santelmo, General Villar uncovers he’s been making their things happen.

His military turns on Alexandra and her supernatural protectors, Crispin and Basilio, however, she has partners of the mysterious too as Maliksi, a pony-like confidant, and the Wind Twins. Lamentably, Villar’s skin falls off to uncover he’s Talagbusao, the lord of war and the dad of the protectors. He was fixed away by Alexandra and her dad, Anton, quite a while back however now he’s back. Humankind’s skill for war engaged him and a clique has returned him to complete the work.
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