LeBron James’ rant on injuries gets shut down by Doc Rivers

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Los Angeles Lakers main man LeBron James recently went off on Twitter about the rash of injuries in the NBA Playoffs, pointing out that the early start date of the season didn’t do any wonders for the players.

While many would side with LeBron, given the latest string of injuries to star players, Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers didn’t exactly agree.
When asked about it after their monumental collapse against the Atlanta Hawks in Game 5, Rivers sounded a bit more pragmatic than LBJ (via ESPN).
“The last couple of years have been difficult, but we’re getting through it. It says a lot about the players and the league that we can get through this.”
It appears Rivers implied that LeBron would just have to suck it up and continue their job as professionals. It is what it is. After all, the Sixers have also been dealing with injuries, with Danny Green out for the rest of their series against the Hawks with a calf injury, and MVP runner-up Joel Embiid dealing with a lingering knee injury.
Still, LeBron’s rant isn’t without merit. Los Angeles Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard is rumored to have suffered an ACL tear, Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving has an ankle sprain, while Utah Jazz veteran Mike Conley Jr. is nursing a hamstring injury. Let’s not forget the Lakers were also hampered by injuries to LeBron and Anthony Davis.
The condensed schedule may have played a part in the spate of injuries, but the NBA might not admit it. But as of now, Doc Rivers should be worried about other things (ex. How Not To Blow A 26-Point Lead) than deal with comments from other players like LeBron James.


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