3 reasons the Nets should re-sign veteran Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin, Nets


The Brooklyn Nets weren’t able to meet expectations that they would cruise their way to the NBA Finals and win it all. Credit should still be given to the coaching staff and players for playing through what has been a tough season for the team and the rest of the NBA. They have a number of key issues to address in the offseason. One of which is the future of Blake Griffin who will become an unrestricted free agent.

There are really no reasons why the Nets should not re-sign Griffin. He was great in his short stint with them. And if he leaves for another squad, he’ll likely be as productive as well. The Nets will likely get him back. But just for the sake of it, here are the three reasons why the Nets should re-sign Blake Griffin.
Productive Stint
In 26 regular season games (10 starts), Griffin averaged 10.0 points (49.2 percent from the field), 4.7 rebounds, and 2.4 assists. In the postseason, he had 9.0 points (53.2 percent from the field) 5.9 rebounds, and 1.8 assists. Yes, they are nowhere near Griffin’s averages in his prime but these are still pretty good numbers for someone who joined the team midway into the season. More than his numbers, analysts have noticed the other intangibles he brings to the floor. If you’ve been in the league for over 10 seasons like Griffin, you pretty much have a good understanding of the game—the nuances and the little details that must be done. In other words, Griffin will likely be at the right place at the right time on offense and on defense. Note that Griffin led the league in charges with 22—a tangible sign that he’s willing to do the dirty work to win.
Steve Nash Can Further Integrate Him
As noted, Griffin had little time to figure out Nash’s system and how he could be effective in it. Both parties did a stellar job. And the most sensible thing to do is to continue building on this relationship. We should note that the Nets had several setbacks due to injuries and COVID-19 protocols. While these are part of the game, it prevented Nash from fully figuring out how Griffin can be effective.
Besides, stability has always been a key part of championship teams. Contending teams always have a set of core players who have been together for more than one season. The Nets should be able to identify that Griffin can be one of their core players along with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden.
Will Prioritize Winning Over Money
Griffin understands where he’s at in his career now. He can still play and be effective. But gone are the days when he dunked on the heads of his enemies. Joining the Nets was a clear sign that he wants to snag a title before he calls it quits. Given this, the Nets likely won’t have a hard time negotiating with Griffin. He won’t demand a ton of money. But the Nets have to prove to Griffin that they are serious about winning the title. A way to do this is by being busy in the offseason. They should also prioritize Bruce Brown and at the same time, add more key pieces to the roster. Blake Griffin is not about the money anymore. And for a contending team, that’s always a good sign.

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