Overwatch Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge – Everything you need to know

Overwatch Ashe's Deadlock Challenge Everything You Need to Know


We just got a brand-new challenge for Overwatch‘s Ashe through a mini-event. This mini-event runs from June 22 – July 5. Players should be looking forward to some explosive rewards including cosmetics, epic skins, player icons, sprays, and of course, the Deadlock Ashe skin. This challenge is quite shorter compared to previous events. To celebrate the launch of cross-play, the event rewards players for simply playing matches, not even requiring wins to unlock content.

Overwatch Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge Rewards

Unlocking additional rewards is a walk in the park.
Twitch sprays can be easily unlocked simply by watching any Overwatch streamer at any given time. Watching anyone in the Overwatch category between June 22 and July 5 will unlock sprays. Watch for 2 hours and you’ll get a Waffles Spray – showcasing Deadlock Ashe eating a pile. Watch 2 more hours and you’ll unlock two more: Graduation and Young Jesse Sprays. Bring your watch hours up to six and you’ll unlock three more Sprays: Pondering, Troublemakers, and Hat Trick. Not sure who to watch? Check out Overwatch‘s spotlighted streams.
As for the main prize, the Ashe Deadlock Skin, players need to play 27 games. That’s right – no need to win. The idea is to keep players on the game for longer – driving down on the bigger community feel that cross-play brings. On your way to those 27 games, you’ll unlock two prizes. Play 9 games and you’ll unlock the Deadlock Ashe Player Icon. Play 18 games and you’ll get the Outlaws Spray.
Deadlock Rebels – an Overwatch Novel
Overwatch’s series of short stories and novels continues with the Deadlock Rebels Overwatch novel. Get to know the background of the Deadlock rebels in a brand new story by Lyndsay Ely, writer of 2018’s Gunslinger Girl. You can buy the novel here on the Scholastic website, with a preview available for the first chapter of the book available for free. The story features a younger Ashe and Jesse back in the early days of the Deadlock gang. With Overwatch 2 on the horizon, any form of world-building is a welcome addition.
New Feature: Cross-Play
On top of the Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge, you can now group up with any Battle.Net player for Overwatch regardless of platform. The feature is still at Beta, and it’s only applicable for the casual game modes in the game. Competitive remains to be same-platform only. Remember to claim your free Golden Loot Box on all platforms you have Overwatch on!
Blizzard will also be releasing a Balance Patch that aims to put all platforms on a level playing field. AI entities will be balanced the same allowing significant characters like Ashe, Symmetra, and Torbjorn to become more lethal on consoles. On one hand, if these characters thrive, there are some who might struggle a bit during the early stage of this development. However, it only takes a matter of time and a few tweaks until we see improvements in overall gameplay enjoyment. 
According to Overwatch‘s new game director Uncle Aaron, Cross-play has been an undertaking in terms of the amount of work put in. However, some fans thought it made less impact and lacked content. Game developers are expected to provide periodical game updates on graphics & minor upgrades to stay relevant & entice next-gen console players. In the meantime, PC players can still be visually stimulated by acquiring upgraded graphics cards. Pro players in the game are clamoring for a more efficient and restructured system, incorporated with an annual MMR reset to keep them riveted. Soft resets have therefore been cued in the pipeline. Once implemented, this will give players a fresh chance at the leaderboards every season, giving them better chances of climbing Overwatch‘s competitive ladder.

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