Selena Gomez Says She’s Never Felt ‘Equal’ In Her Love Life – Thinks Her Past Romances Were ‘Cursed!’

Selena Gomez Says She's Never Felt 'Equal' In Her Love Life - Thinks Her Past Romances Were 'Cursed!'


During an interview for Vogue Australia, Selena Gomez opened up about her past relationships, admitting that they’d all made her feel ‘less than!’ With that being said, the singer also believes, looking back, that ‘most of [her] experiences in relationships have been cursed.’ Part of why Selena thinks her romances in the past have been so toxic for her is that she was in the spotlight from such a young age. RELATED: Tainy Reveals What Led To The J Balvin And Selena Gomez Collab! ‘I’ve been just way too young to be exposed to some things when I was in relationships. I guess that I needed to find what that word was for me, because I felt less than in past relationships, and never really felt equal,’ she explained during the vulnerable profile piece. Sure enough, Selena Gomez’s love life has been documented and deconstructed over and over again by the media and online critics ever since she was still underage, acting on Disney Channel on shows like Wizards of Waverly Place. Of course, everyone remembers that she had a very public relationship with Justin Bieber – perhaps her most well-known romance of all! RELATED: Selena Gomez Fans Express Concern Over Her Health After Seeing Mystery Tube In Her Arm During IG Live Session She also dated The Weeknd for a bit back in 2017. With that being said, she went into what the word ‘rare’ means to her since she chose to name her latest album that. ‘And so that word to me – when I first heard it [used in the single Rare] with Nolan [Lambroza], one of the writers, I just said this is what I want to feel about myself. So it wasn’t even necessarily like: ‘I feel that way, let me sing it.’ It was almost like: ‘I need to feel that way about myself.” It makes sense that fans and critics alike have been saying this is her most vulnerable album since she got candid about how she’s felt for a very long time in the lyrics.

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