Home Business Caroline Crouch kept coded diary about abusive husband who killed her

Caroline Crouch kept coded diary about abusive husband who killed her

Caroline Crouch kept coded diary about abusive husband who killed her


Babis Anagnostopoulosa admitted to strangling Caroline Crouch after she threatened to leave him (Pictures: AP/Rex Features)A British mum who was strangled to death by her husband kept a coded diary to write about the abuse she suffered beforehand, it has been revealed. 
Caroline Crouch’s Greek husband last week admitted to strangling her, in their home just outside of Athens, after she threatened to leave him on May 11. 
The confession came after police called Babis Anagnostopoulosa, 33, a ‘top-class actor’ for his performance as a grieving husband who told the world his 20-year-old wife was killed by a gang during a home invasion.
He even killed the family dog to help make the staged robbery look more convincing.
Now it has come out that coded passages of Ms Crouch’s journal has been included in a 26-page police report. 
But Greek authorities do not want to publish the excerpts, The Times reported. 
Supreme Court prosecutor Vassilis Pliotis said: ‘The publication of the entries not only offends the victim’s memory but they may contribute to creating a favourable climate for the defendant and his line of defence.’
Mr Pliotis has ordered an investigation into how some of the excerpts have already been leaked.

Babis Anagnostopoulos is currently being held in the women’s wing of a maximum security prison (Picture: AP)

Anagnostopoulosa took his 11-month-old daughter to Caroline Crouch’s grave (Picture: Athena Pictures)It is believed the extracts detail the horrors of Ms Crouch’s relationship which has come out as controlling, possessive and physically harmful. 
Some entries that were leaked previously describe the young mum’s suffering. 
In December, 2019, Ms Crouch wrote: ‘I fought with Babi again. This time it was serious. I hit him, I cursed at him and he broke down the door.
‘All I wanted was for him to ask how I am when I woke up. I woke up so weak and tired.
‘I am thinking of leaving. I am thinking of going to my sister, I don’t know if I can keep going with Babi.
‘I love him so much that I can’t leave him even though this relationship hurts me.’ 
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In July, she wrote: ‘Today my little one turned a month old. And today is the day that I said to Babis that I want to leave the house. 
‘As soon as he left to take a document that had sent us for a test for the little one, I began looking for houses. 
‘I found exactly what I had been looking for in Halandri (a suburb in northern Athens). 
‘When he (Babis) returned from the hospital I told him. He asked me if I wanted to split up.’ 
Another entry read: ‘After quite a few tears and quite a lot of shouting I told him. 
‘I told him that before I fell pregnant I had been thinking of leaving him but then after I became pregnant and so I stayed with him so my daughter wouldn’t grow up without both her parents.’ 

Anagnostopoulosa even killed the family dog to make it look like burglars had broken in (Picture: Getty Images)

Ms Crouch’s journal is believed to detail horrific details of the couple’s abusive relationship in code (Pictures: Maria & Sandy Algarve Photographers)Anagnostopoulosa is currently being held in the women’s wing of a maximum security prison for his own security, while he waits for his trial. 
He previously told police: ‘That night we were fighting early. At one point she threw the child in the crib and told me to leave the house.
 ‘I lost my temper, I suffocated her with the pillow. Τhen I made up the robbery.’
Although Anagnostopoulosa has admitted to killing his wife, he is expected to argue that it was not premeditated and this could see the jail time he faces reduced to a maximum of 15 years. 
His lawyer Alexandros Papaioannidis has already said: ‘(Anagnostopoulosa) never meant for any of this to happen. 
‘This was not something that he had planned. He panicked. And he did what he did to protect his daughter who would be left alone [had he been imprisoned].’
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