Manny Pacquiao takes shot at Floyd Mayweather for Logan Paul fight

Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather


There’s been a ton of discourse about the recent string of high-profile boxing matches involving YouTubers, TikTokers, and even MMA stars crossing over. Count Manny Pacquiao in the camp that isn’t amused by the phenomenon. The Filipino boxer took a straight shot at Floyd Mayweather after his recent bout with YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul.

Pacquiao voiced out his opinion in his native tongue in an appearance on radio program Power and Play with Noli Eala:
“I’m not like other boxers who fight only for the money. They will challenge non-boxers just for the money,” Pacquiao made clear.  “As for me, I want a real fight. I fight to challenge the best.”
Manny Pacquiao’s message might just be a direct response to Mayweather’s own jab at him. Floyd previously reacted to Pacquiao’s upcoming bout against undefeated welterweight fighter Errol Spence Jr., calling it “sad” that he was still fighting for money in real contests.
“When I come and do an exhibition and come out boxing and have some fun, I do it cause I want to do it, not cause I have to do it,” Mayweather said in reaction to Pacquiao’s own fight.

“Whereas Pacquiao, at his age, [it] is sad that he has to fight. I’m financially set and I want to let everybody know this.”
But Pacquaio also retorted back that if he were just in it for the money, then he would have fought non-boxers instead. Those fights would need less training and could very likely generate more revenue depending on how big of a celebrity he’d face. Instead, Pacquiao is set to face an unblemished boxer at 42 years age.


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