Kendall Jenner’ reacts to Devin Booker reaching NBA Finals

Suns, Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker


It was a historic evening for the Phoenix Suns on Thursday as they booked their spot in the NBA Finals for the first time in nearly three decades. Devin Booker was at the center of Phoenix’s triumph and it comes as no surprise that his girlfriend, Kendall Jenner had quite a message for him and the rest of the Suns after their epic win.

Jenner took to Instagram to share her five-emoji reaction to the Suns advancing to the Finals for the first time since 1993 (h/t Egotastic Sports):

There were literally no words in Jenner’s post, but her choice of emojis clearly shows how happy she is for her boyfriend. Jenner appears to be expressing how proud she is of Booker and the rest of the Suns for this momentous achievement. These two aren’t exactly the most outspoken couple on social media, so this post is actually noteworthy.
After a truly outstanding performance in the series, Devin Booker now has a legitimate shot at winning his first NBA title. The Suns will go up against either the Milwaukee Bucks or the Atlanta Hawks, who are currently battling it out in the Eastern Conference Finals.
If Booker wins a championship ring with the Suns this season, does this mean that he could also be giving a ring to Jenner? The pair have been dating for quite some time now, so perhaps wedding bells might be on the horizon? What we can say for sure, though, is that Devin Booker is clearly winning both on and off the court.

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