Michael Jordan’s savagery towards Clyde Drexler, revealed

Michael Jordan, Clyde Drexler


It’s been well-publicized that Clyde Drexler was at the receiving end of some harsh words coming out of Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan’s mouth. Aside from being on-court rivals during the 1990s when Drexler was still part of the Portland Trail Blazers, the two also enjoyed some time together as members of the Dream Team back in 1992.

‘Enjoyed’ of course is something Drexler could tend to argue against.
After Jordan’s Bulls defeated Drexler’s Blazers in the 1992 NBA Finals, the two found themselves together on the court once again but this time, as teammates. This, according to writer David Halberstam in his book ‘Playing For Keeps’ (h/t to thesportsrush.com), triggered a whole lot of emotions which should explain Jordan and Drexler’s interesting relationship.
“Jordan did not pass up the opportunity to talk some trash as he brought the ball upcourt. ‘Didn’t I just kick your ass? … Anything here look just a little familiar? … Think you can stop me this time [sic], Clyde? … Better watch out for the 3s, Clyde.’ Halberstam wrote.
He continued, “Eventually, some of his Dream Team colleagues suggested that Jordan cut back on the trash talk with Drexler because they were all teammates now, and there was no reason to reopen wounds so fresh. Back off, he did, but the coaches noted that every time Jordan guarded Drexler in scrimmages, he took the defensive level up more than anyone else.”
Talk about rubbing some salt on an open wound. But then again, that’s just MJ being MJ. Michael Jordan has been known to be one of the most lethal trash-talkers in the league and this is just another prime example.

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