5 Things to Know About Poppers


Looking for some fun or high? Well, poppers could be on top of your list. It’s a popular chemical drug that most people use to experience an intense but fast-fading kind of high. Is it safe? You could try it to see for yourself or you can read on to know more from us.

Apart from the infamous marijuana or “green herb”, poppers are considered as a recreational drug that’s legally available to some areas. Since buds were legalized in the United States and other parts of the world, other drugs have been under close investigation on whether they bring some health benefits or if they are dangerous.

In the case of poppers, these are drugs that must be inhaled to get sedated. It takes only a few seconds to feel its presence inside you. Along with the high are feelings of warm sensations, headaches, faster heartbeat, and also dizziness. The start of poppers’ hit brings instant relief but fades real quick, too. Interested? Let’s look at the 5 things to know about poppers to guide you further on how to use them.

Why They are Called Poppers

This drug contains alkyl nitrites which is a liquid chemical known to treat angina or chest pains. Such chemical is meant to be sniffed out of small glass capsules. Because users have to pop those capsules right around their noses and enjoy their sensation, this drug is called popper.

How They Can be Used Incorrectly

Cautious use of poppers includes preventing the drug from getting in contact with your skin such as in your lip or nose. This nitrite inhalant can cause your skin to turn yellow or irritated. For patients with high blood pressure, inhaling poppers could be risky because it might lead to a lower supply of oxygen in the body. Red blood cells may be destroyed and cause death, too.

Why Are They Popular

Poppers used to be known as “gay drugs” also because of their participation in the history of the LGBT culture. Gay couples found it more satisfying to have sex due to the muscle relaxing effect of poppers that is particularly useful for anal sex. Likewise, it was said to create a longer time for orgasm and erection. Poppers are thought to be a second perfect choice for teenagers, next to marijuana. Poppers online are readily available to the general public. 

What are the Side Effects

Technically, poppers are for inhalation and not to be swallowed. Doing so can lead to instant death. People who have problems with blood pressure must not try this drug as it can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. Those who use viagra for erectile dysfunction issues are also not allowed to use poppers because they can stop the beating of your heart that is greatly fatal.

Why Some Countries Banned It

Canada has totally banned poppers while France which used to ban them now made warnings on the proper packaging of the drugs. In the United States, however, the Food and Drug Administration found it to be safe. Yet, because of the increased recreational use, poppers were again banned in compliance with the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988.


Can you use poppers? Given the 5 things to know about poppers above, deciding whether or not you should use poppers. Everything has its limits including this drug. It can be beneficial or dangerous. Use them wisely!