Things To Do In Yorkshire Dales

Things To Do In Yorkshire Dales

Are you a nature lover?

Or, do you enjoy the view of waterfalls under the sky?

If your answer to the above questions is ‘Yes,’ and if you happen to be an admirer of green lands surrounded by beautiful lakes, this article might interest you.

Have you heard of Yorkshire Dales? You won’t regret adding it to your bucket list. Believe it or not, this place is blessed with the heavenly beauty of nature, and there are plenty of things to do in Yorkshire Dales.

Located in northern England, the Yorkshire Dales is an upland area in the Yorkshire countryside. It won’t be wrong to say that the place is favoured of the gods because no matter what season you choose to visit here, you’ll experience stunning art of nature from the sunrise in the summers to the snowfall in the late winters. Established in 1954, the Yorkshire Dales National Park compute most of the area of the Dales along with Cumbria and Lancashire.

Things To Do In Yorkshire Dales
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Before the pandemic hit our lives, the place was very busy, and filled with tourists throughout all the seasons of the year.


With spectacular scenery as that in a story or fascinating tale almost everybody imagines in their childhood, this place gives a number of reasons to the visitors to come by. We’ve listed some for you:-

Get Your Foot On The Hiking Trails:

 The northern area of the Yorkshire Dales offers a renowned trail track that goes by the name of Pennine Way. It is one of the best tracks of the U.K., which offers an adventurous hiking experience, astounding views of the hills and lands, and has been an inspiration to many writers. Known as the “backbone of England”, the place is the first National Trail of England. 

Packed with several attractions such as teck Force Waterfall, Bowlees Visitor Centre, Malham Cove, Bronte Parsonage Museum, Kinder Scout, High Cup Nick, and you’re not going to believe what’s coming next….the award-winning, traditional Wensleydale Creamery, the innovative cheese blenders of the Yorkshire.

Get Your Heart Stuck On Mesmerizing Waterfalls: 

Things To Do In Yorkshire Dales
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One can witness spectacular waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. There are more than 50 waterfalls that can be found here. The beauty of the Aysgarth Falls gets on the peak in the rainy season with water flowing down from triple fall, downstream to the village.

Acquiring its name from the fairy Janet, Janet’s Foss marks another attraction of the place. Located in the area near Malham (a village), the fall summons a breathtaking view. At a little distance from Holme Heads Bridge is located the Cotter Force, which also facilitates the entry of wheelchairs and pushchairs. It has six separate drops which is not only a treat for the eyes but also gives an adventurous feel while stepping on the slippery rocks.

Visit Restaurants And Stay Houses:

Talk about the Hotel Rendezvous with 90+ bedrooms, the Crown Hotel situated near the Pennine Way, the Racehorses Hotel, or traditional hotels like the Black Horse Hotel, The Old Hall Inn, or The Red Lions and Manor House; every hotel has delicious savouries, from traditional home-cooked food to gourmet food. Some offer terrace views, while others have the golden era interior. The list of restaurants, hotels and inns is never-ending. No matter which one you visit, you’ll get one thing for sure, and that’s a cozy, at-home feel.

Cycling/ Mountain Biking:

Among other things to do in Yorkshire Dales, mountain biking and cycling are favourites of many. Engulf the view of Kettlewell, Muker, Middleham, West Burton, Kirkby Lonsdale, which happen to be a few among the towns of the Yorkshire Dales while biking. The town and village market Helmsley, Knaresborough Farmers Market, Reeth and Masham Markets open on certain days for specific timings. So, plan your trip accordingly so as not to miss the glance at local markets here.

Things To Do In Yorkshire Dales
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The markets give an idea of the food culture, specials, tradition, and population of the place. There is one marketplace that welcomes people all weekdays, the Richmond Market. 

Don’t Miss Your Train:

Elsecar Heritage, Embsay & Bolton Abbey, Kirklees Light, North Yorkshire Moors, Wensleydale and Keighley and Worth Valley Railways….confused!? Don’t worry. Of course, you’ll book tickets to reach the Dales, but you can also go on a train journey in the Yorkshire Dales, enjoying the astounding view of the place with aforestated steam engines but it’s not just limited to that. Rail Museums and Miniature Yorkshire Railways have a bundle of surprises for you.

Enjoy The Field Barns:

For those who love to spend some time with wildlife, the barns of Wensleydale and Swaledale are perfect. One can feed the cattle alongside meadows, go for short walks, and see cowhouses, valleys, stone walls and whatnot. The stone houses give the feel of early times with the diligence of people who used to live there once. They used to store the essentials for farming and cattle rearing, such as manure, fodder, etc., which otherwise would take a long time as house buildings are at quite some distance from the barns.

Things To Do In Yorkshire Dales

Andy Singleton & David Joy, in fact, published a book describing the beauty of these farmlands under the title “Barns of The Yorkshire Dales.” This place echoes warmth and is one of the best family spots. The breathtaking view of Gordale Scar is enough to make anyone forget all the rushed city life. Located to the north of Malham, the downstream and waterfalls on these limestone cliffs are not just picture-perfect but painting perfect too!

Be A Part Of The Events & Agricultural Shows:

You really don’t want to miss this part! The Dales provides a lighthearted environment throughout the year for the people. With the Reeth Show, Nidderdale Show, Malhamdale Show, Muker Show, The Great Yorkshire Show, and a few more, it’ll give you happy memories to linger on. It has all one can ask for, from celebrating happiness to gameful competitions.

Learn A Lot About History & Geography:

Things To Do In Yorkshire Dales
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Sounds cool, right? There’s no doubt that practical knowledge is the best way to learn anything. And, examining the historical castles, picturesque villages from the early centuries across the town is worth giving a shot. Parents and educational institutions often make a visit to the Dales with kids so that they can understand the geographical aspect of the 2179 km square spread area. Did you know it can also be one of the things to do in Yorkshire Dales?

Yorkshire Dales has a lot of impressive sights to offer. These alluring visions speak for Dale’s glory itself. Now that you’ve got an idea of the things to do in Yorkshire Dales, which one excites you the most?