Why Should You Go Seven Sisters Hike For Your Next Vacation?

Why Should You Go Seven Sisters Hike For Your Next Vacation?

Want to go to a lively place where you can spend some time with nature? Have trouble picking up the right destination? Then pack your bags and trek to England’s one and only Seven Sisters Cliffs, which can surely raise your spirit. Occupying the space in South London along the coastal region of the English Channel (also referred to as English Coast), Seven Sisters cliffs link the famous towns of England, the Eastbourne and Seaford. Come on board with this article and experience the Seven Sisters hike.

With summertime on the corner, the idea of escaping to a calm place, far from the city chaos, is just so enticing. Well, if you enjoy the beauty of sunsets across the seashores and if you’re a fan of long hauls, then the Seven Sisters hike is well thought out for you!


The exalted chain of peaks of the mountains forms a dramatic scenery alongside the landscape view. The blend of white chalk cliffs with the greenery is such a treat for the eyes. These cliffs came into existence more than 25 years ago. Before getting on to further information, let me introduce to you the individual cliffs that all-together form the amiable picturesque.

Why Should You Go Seven Sisters Hike For Your Next Vacation?
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  • Haven Brow
  • Short Brow
  • Rough Brow
  • Brass Point
  • Flagstaff Brow
  • Bailey’s Hill
  • Went Hill


After your travel via network rail of the London Victoria Station, the Seven Sisters hike can be approx 7 hours long. Well, you can consider this ironic to the name of these cliffs. Nevertheless, it actually depends on your speed and the number of breaks you take while on this journey to fuel up your body’s stamina again. Despite some hill sections being steeper, this 12 miles journey from the Seaford to Eastbourne is not as tiring as it might sound. Still, for those who want to relax and enjoy after a little exploration, you can make the stay at Seaford town and immerse in the simplicity of this place.

When you set your foot on this hiking track, you’ll gradually come across Seaford city, Cuckmere Haven, Birling Gap, Belle Tout, and Beachy Head Lighthouse. Obviously, it’s not a compulsion that you’ve to track down the entire path, but if you cherish long, drawn-out ways, then you’re more than welcome to discover this beauty.

After a short walk along the seacoast, the Seaford Head comes into view. The coastal city of East Sussex faces Brighton and Newhaven to the East and Eastbourne to the West. Here the time feels still, engulfing the wonderful sights of the hills across the landscape, blue seashore, and bright green grazing barns.

Why Should You Go Seven Sisters Hike For Your Next Vacation?
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Following the path, you’ll reach the Cuckmere Haven; the small cottages will catch your sight. The Cuckmere river will leave you with two choices to go further up to the cliffs, depending upon the case. If the river water is at peace, dive in your feet (of course shoeless) and walk across the river. In a totally opposite scenario, you should surely not put yourself in danger and cover the remaining path to the cliffs via the bridge.

Your Seven Sisters hike would slowly come to an end as you’ll discover the first cliff and gradually the others by walking up and down.


Right to the east of the East Sussex seacoast is located the Birling Gap Beach, which gives a heartwarming glimpse of the sea view along the milky white cliffs. This gritty beach which is full of pebbles, is under the surveillance of the National Trust of the United Kingdom (UK). This place is a major tourist attraction because of its beautiful view that cuts a dash altogether with the amenities that make it a convenient break-spot. One can park and rest here, grab a bite from the cafe, and one thing that excites me, in particular, is shopping alongside the seacoast.

Why Should You Go Seven Sisters Hike For Your Next Vacation?
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Just imagine what a breathtaking experience it would be to enjoy a cup of coffee here in breezy winds.


Why Should You Go Seven Sisters Hike For Your Next Vacation?
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The Beachy Head is situated to the firsthand east of the limestone cliffs in the Eastbourne Downland Estate. The sky-scraping height of 531 feet over and above the sea level makes this cliff a pronounced dangerous point (to be more precise, suicide point). Also, just beneath this headland, there is a lighthouse painted in white and red that goes by the name of The Beachy Head Lighthouse, which was constructed as a replacement to the Belle Tout Lighthouse. Scroll down a little to know more about the Belle Tout Lighthouse.


No doubt, the beautiful cliffs of East Sussex are impressive, but at times they can get mightier and riskier as well. Belle Tout Lighthouse was made inactive for this reason only. The constant cliff descent and haze hampered the operations of this lighthouse, and as a consequence, the formation of a new lighthouse (the Beachy Head Lighthouse) took place in 1902.

Why Should You Go Seven Sisters Hike For Your Next Vacation?
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The Belle Tout was then opened for sale, and since then, it has seen many good and bad times. This lighthouse was damaged in the thick of the Second World War and renovated with time to serve as a bed and breakfast hotel. It was relocated 17m away from the cliffs in 1999 to ensure the safety of the visitors.

Once a lighthouse is now a welcoming home for visitors and is best known for its amazing hospitality. Nevertheless, the visitors are strongly advised to stay at a safe distance from the corner of the cliff boundaries.


If you emerge into the beauty and uniqueness of this place, then your Seven Sisters hike might continue to discover the simple yet beautiful cottages of Eastbourne. Throughout this long journey, you can explore the forests and wildlife.


The beauty and risks of these cliffs are together enough to make anyone put this place on their wishlist. This place was also picked up by the filmmakers for shooting, to name a few, Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, Atonement, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and Summerland. Back in 2010, the Belle Tout Lighthouse was featured on Channel 5 program- Build A New Life In The Country.


The Seven Sisters Cliffs are a wonderful vacation spot. The place has a lot to offer to the visitors and is well-equipped with basic amenities like washrooms, parking facilities (parking charges are applicable here), cafes, and WiFi. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to pack all the essentials with you and keep a check on safety equipment (considering the weather conditions at that time) as well. It is up to you to decide which time of the year you are going hiking on these cliffs; just make sure not to compromise on the safety guidelines from the National Trust.