How to win a game of Craps at an online casino?

game of Craps

When it comes to playing dice games in casinos, the Craps table is one of the mainstream stop-spots for many gamblers. The game of craps, whether playing offline or online, is thrilling. But, more often than not, amateur casino game players do not try the game of craps because it involves a lot of calculation. That’s right! If you haven’t played the game of craps online at 888casino ZA, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Today, we brought to you a brief guide on Craps — one of the most oddly satisfying casino games ever. Learn how to win it: 

What is a Craps game in Casino? 

To begin with, the casino game of Craps is a type of dice game. You can also play it on online casino platforms, which are the modern form of gambling today. In the game of Craps, you or the player or anyone throws a couple of dice on the table. Now, the main betting is done on the total numbers on those dice. Thus, you can pick any number between two and twelve. If a couple of dice show the total of the number you bet on, you win!

Sounds quite simple, right? But it’s not. According to the expert’s research, in the casino game of craps, mathematical knowledge is quite critical in order to figure out the odds. For example, in this game, two of the most challenging odds are — number 2 and number 12. The reason being, to get number 2 in craps, you have to roll 1 and 1 on each dice. There is no other way. 

On the contrary, the odds of getting number 3 and number 11 increase slightly because to get number three, there are two ways. Similarly, the odds of getting the number 7 are the highest because it comes in several combinations of dice—for example, 1+6, 2+5, 3+4, 4+3, and so on.

Now, it is also significant to note that every online Casino has a distinct payout chart for the game of Craps. Therefore, before you begin betting, learn about their payout system. In simple words, if the bet is challenging, the payout is higher and vice versa. 

What types of bets can you put up in the games of Craps online? 

In the game of Craps on an online casino, you can put up several kinds of bets. The Pass Line Craps bet is when you get 7 or 11 (in total). For instance, if you roll 2, 12, or 3, you will lose the bet. However, in case you roll either 2 or 3, in that case, you get to roll again and get a 7. 

Another form of bet is called the “Don’t Pass Wager” bet. It is often won when the dice roll 2 or 3. In the event that the player is creating a point, a “don’t pass wager” is a winning bet if the dice rolls at 7 again. 

Other bets like Buy and Lay Bet are when you bet on a number that comes right before or after 7. Similarly, other bets, such as the Hardway bet is, won when you roll dice and get a double number. For example, 4 and 4. Any hard even number such as 2 (1+1), 4(2+2), 6 (3+3), 8 (4+4), 10 (5+5), and 12 (6+6) are winnable. It gives a payout of 7:1. 

How to win the game of craps online? 

One of the mainstream strategies to get a “winning” leverage in Craps is by setting a limit. Set up a gambling budget. For example, if you set up your goal of losing 200$ with a profit of 100$ or so. Stick to this limit. It will allow you to avoid getting addicted to wagering in craps online. 

Another strategy to win in the game of craps is by getting the hang of rolling dice in a way that it rolls perfectly. Before you bet thousands of dollars online, practice throwing dice rolls online using mobile apps. 


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