7 Eminent Car Racing Seats To Give Your Four-Wheeler A 360 Degree Revamp

7 Eminent Car Racing Seats To Give Your Four-Wheeler A 360 Degree Revamp

A pair of car racing seats (sometimes also referred to as bucket seats) is the most sought thing among those who have been in a line where one talks with wind regularly. Yes, you guessed it right! I’m talking about car racers. Though it is a fact that racing seats are believed to be a little devoid of comfort, they are designed to be dynamic, made of aramid fiber and/or carbon fiber, and typified to be featherweight, secure and high-powered.

Much of the purpose these seats serve is associated with either off-road tracks or racing tracks. For instance, the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing LLC) seats are an optimum exhibitor of car racing seats. The seats and cockpit go hand in hand in order to be fully capable of the driver’s safety. NASCAR seats make drivers fit in a seat leaning closer to the steering wheel, which is not normally seen in any regular car models like SUVs, convertibles, hatchbacks, crossovers, etc. Though the regular car models do come with seat adjustability and lumbar support in present times, racing seats still stand distinctive from them.

Can’t A Regular Car Model Get Their Vehicle Equipped With Car Racing Seats?

The great news is that a number of manufacturers nowadays do produce aftermarket racing seats that can better fit inside any car model. So if you are not a racer, it doesn’t mean you’ve to hang back your wish to be seated in these sporty seats. Even so, most of those seats don’t put up with every single safety standard of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which happens to be the apex body that administers several auto racing events, including the Formula One race, it doesn’t imply they aren’t of quality.

7 Well-Known Car Racing Seats Brands

1. Sparco

7 Eminent Car Racing Seats To Give Your Four-Wheeler A 360 Degree Revamp

Image Credits: www.motorsportstore.eu

Sparco is an Italian company that is specialized in crafting wheels, seats, harnesses, and racer wear, among many other auto parts and accessories. Talking of racer wear becomes inevitable to mention that Sparco proudly holds the record of being the first manufacturer of a fireproof racing suit that can resist heat for up to 11 seconds. Today this FIA-certified company serves brands like Ferrari, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, and Lamborghini. Pricey for sure, but Sparco seats are worth every penny. Its racing seats for the street start from 429 USD, and if you opt for competition seats, then you may expect to shed 875 USD minimum for avant-garde quality.

2. NRG

Car racing seats by NRG are considerably pocket-friendly though their durability can’t be guaranteed as per the reviews and the seats are also not FIA approved. Nevertheless, the brand oozes style factor in its products without any doubt, plus to that, it claims that comfort has not been kept out of the line while designing and producing them. The starting price of NRG bucket seats is around 520 USD, which goes a little extra for competition seats with an additional 230 USD.

3. Cipher Auto

Cipher Auto is known for manufacturing racing seats for a plethora of car models, including Hyundai, Mercedes, Toyota, Mustang, and Audi. Chic, cozy, and affordable is how Cipher Auto graces its products. The pricing of Cipher Auto racing seats competes with that of NRG as it starts from somewhere around 309 USD and goes up to more than 800 USD for premium ones.

4. Recaro

‘Attention to details,’ this expression isn’t alienated to anyone, and Recaro swears by it. The company’s seats are FIA approved and tested for the crash. With advanced-level ergonomics, lumbar cushions, and fire retardant upholstery, its Pole Positioning N.G. marks a place on the top of the best car racing seats. Recaro racing seats are a statement of modern design that comes with a price tag above 1000 USD.

5. Cobra

7 Eminent Car Racing Seats To Give Your Four-Wheeler A 360 Degree Revamp

Image Credits: wwww.cobraseats.com

The Cobra racing seat set is not just an outstanding quality product but also stands in line with strict FIA parameters. These seats are crafted with exceptional grade quality fabric and have been made to fit in tall built-ups as per distinctive body geometry and size. All of its car seats feature shoulder and head support and have surpassed the durability levels of big names like Sparco and Recaro in the competition for providing all this and yet presenting them at reasonable deals to the customers. Cobra has evolved in this product line throughout time, offering more comfort with its Sebring TLP, Monaco Pro V, Ultralite, Evolution Pro-Fit, and Suzuka T, among others.

The best part is that Cobra serves its clientele with customized car racing seats as well, so you can glaze it in your style while keeping up with the safety. Its price range starts from as low as 300 USD and goes up further.

6. Momo

Adequate for both beginners and experienced racers, racing seats from this brand have diligently met the FIA safety standards. Momo is one such brand that doesn’t come heavy on the customer’s pocket yet proffers avant-garde quality. The basic model of race seat manufactured under the tag of Momo sells off at a price of 485 USD and is, as per reviews, a little hard to adjust at the waist level. Nevertheless, the Daytona, Daytona Evo, Lesomo One, and Super Cup are other popular models that come with additional features at additional prices; as the saying goes, the more sugar you add, the sweeter it gets. 

Before proceeding to the next one, here’s an interesting fact for you- The Porsche 997 GT3 comes equipped with carbon-fiber bucket seats.


7 Eminent Car Racing Seats To Give Your Four-Wheeler A 360 Degree Revamp

Image Credits: crankmotorsport.com.au

Last but not least, BRIDE racing seats are the ultimate love of every car racer. BRIDE holds the position as the first manufacturer of FIA-approved car racing seats in Japan. Its hand-crafted seats are made of aramid fiber along with carbon fiber which is molded to provide exceptional comfort and then sewed up simultaneously with the seat covers. The only thing which leaves room for second thoughts is its price, though they are totally worth it. One can expect to spend a minimal amount of around 1200 USD on a pair of BRIDE racing seats.

Bright Side Of Sprucing Up Your Car With Car Racing Seats

  • Racing seats keep the driver and/or racer intact in place.
  • Such seats enlighten the weight load on the vehicle.
  • Makes the positioning better, allowing the vehicle to take moves effortlessly.
  • Give a vehicle or a car another level of sporty charm.

With time we keep on upgrading our car or cars. While some modifications are done to make the car comfy, others are done to enhance the styling and/or give it a boastful charge. Today, in this article, we’ve discussed one such thing that revamps a car’s interior, style, comfort, and safety upgrades for good to an exceptional level. And, that is- car racing seats. Surely, you’ll have to go the whole nine yards fetching reviews on different racing seats before picking one for your vehicle, but it’s worth all the efforts when the matter comes to your safety.