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6 All-Time Chinese Weight Loss Teas That You Must Know About

Ignoring obesity is like ignoring the elephant in the room. If not well taken care of, the body becomes a welcoming home for a plethora of diseases. That’s why people tirelessly try different countermeasures that can help them do away with undesirable weight. And what’s the most-sought option when it comes to weight loss, the one which is typically common to all dieting lovers? Of course, green tea! No doubt you’re familiar with the health benefits of green tea. But did you know green tea is a Chinese weight loss tea? Well, now you do.

The tea itself has quite a fanbase around the globe, especially in India, where a day without a cup of tea is like biting the bullet.

No wonder tea or tea leaves have been introduced to the world by the Southeast Asian region, and China has a crucial part to play. But today, we’ll not talk about normal ‘garam milk chai.’ Instead, we’ll discuss Chinese weight loss teas that have garnered much limelight lately. So make sure to give this article a read.

Chinese Weight Loss Tea

If you wish to give a shot to such a Chinese tea that can actually cut off those really distorting pounds, there are plenty of alternatives to pick from. But before you satiate yourself with these herbal medicaments, you must be well-versed with their properties. And the good thing is this article will assist you in becoming familiar with different kinds of Chinese weight loss teas.

1. Pu’ erh Or Pu-erh Tea

This one is on the top of this checklist. Pronounced as “pu-air or “pu-err,” pu’erh tea comes from the land of Yunnan, and its cultivation is done from the Camellia sinensis plant. This tea undergoes the fermentation process and a post-fermentation. That’s what makes this tea stand apart from other Chinese weight loss teas both in terms of flavour and production.

6 All-Time Chinese Weight Loss Teas That You Must Know About

It’s generally available in the shape of bricks or discs. One needs to split the pieces from the cake disc and brew them to reap the benefits of this tea.

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You also need to be mindful about the time of sipping on pu’ erh tea otherwise, it might totally go downhill and will make you stand in deep waters. The idle time to sip on pu’ erh tea is ½ hour after the meal. This is so because as it cuts down the excessive body fat, having it before meals can make your stomach feel like it has enough vacant space to fill in, and you might overeat.

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2. Oolong Tea

Also referred to as qingcha (in China) or dark green tea, Oolong tea is another traditional cure for weight loss among other Chinese teas. In fact, it is the first thing that is served on a table while you wait for your meal in a Chinese restaurant. The enzymes present in this tea emits Tannin lipid that fosters the digestive system and balances the extra pounds. It is also prepared by oxidizing the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. 

Talking of its taste, Oolong tea proffers a variety of flavours which generally depend on the way it’s brewed. It can either be fruity or roasted, but one thing is sure it’ll certainly make you feel zestful. It contacts the ghrelin receptors and reduces hunger levels if taken regularly.

Just like green tea, oolong tea is full of antioxidants and caffeine. The magical benefits of this tea aren’t limited to just weight loss. It also aids swelling and hair problems. The tea leaves of oolong are utilized in the cosmetic industry as well.

3. Black Tea

This Chinese weight loss tea is no less than a blessing for those who are tired of not fitting in their adored outfits. A variety of black tea is procured from the Camellia taliensis plant along with the Camellia sinensis plant. It is rather a more oxidized version of the oolong tea. This tea is good for weight loss due to its non-sweetener characteristic.

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In India, Camellia assamica is used to make black tea. It also boosts memory power, regulates blood sugar levels or insulin levels, and trims down the risk of chronic heart stroke and blood pressure. Black tea also helps with osteoporosis, headache as well as Parkinson’s disease. Like pu’ erh tea, black tea must be taken after meals.

Did you know black tea was used as a de facto currency in Tibet, Siberia, and Mongolia back in the 19th century?

4. Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea has its roots deep down in China, where it actually started to be served as a hot beverage. It emerged as one of the Chinese weight loss teas back in the 13th century. The usual way of enjoying a cup of chrysanthemum tea is itself enough to catch one’s attention. As soon as the pot of this tea gets empty, more water is added to the pot oft-times. Consequently, the flavour gets diminished each time simmering water is poured into the pot. That’s quite atypical, right?

One of the most popular benefits of tea that is well-served by this tea is that it soothes headaches. It also relieves chest pain and abdominal pain and ensures quick healing of wounds. These qualities of the chrysanthemum flower that is foremostly infused in this tea make this drink a must-try, let alone its floral aroma. Indian chrysanthemum is used in Korea to make this tea, and it is called Gukhwacha there.

6 All-Time Chinese Weight Loss Teas That You Must Know About

Normally, cane sugar or crystal sugar is added to this tea, but this Chinese weight loss tea shows its effects on maintaining your desired weight when taken without sugar.

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5. Ginseng Tea

Ginseng tea saved the military personnel of China during the country’s Warring States periods. The tea was a signature health drink and symbolized high rankers back then. Ginseng roots have been put to use in medications for the treatment of a plethora of diseases in China over decades. That’s how it is connected to China. Other than that, this tea is basically a traditional drink from Korea.

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It is said to have properties that help in curbing the appetite, so that’s how it secured a place in the list of Chinese weight loss teas. It also improves concentration, and aids hypertension, hormonal imbalance, and sleep disorders.

6. Green Tea

Originating from China, green tea needs no introduction. Like most of the other Chinese weight loss teas, it is also obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant. But there isn’t much medical evidence that backs up the fact that green tea reduces weight. Nevertheless, this tea does throw out excess bad fat deposits from an individual’s body.

Green tea is no less than a wonder if taken in the appropriate quantity. It has proven beneficial impacts on the overall health of an individual, including cognitive and heart health. If taken together, green tea and honey can have magical effects.

Points To Consider

6 All-Time Chinese Weight Loss Teas That You Must Know About
  • Be considerate about the amount of Chinese weight loss tea you intake. This is so because overconsumption of anything can hamper you the other way round, no matter how good it is. Whichever tea you pick from the above list, make sure not to have more than 3 to 4 cups a day.
  • Also, make sure to drink Chinese weight loss tea at the optimum point of the day. This will ensure that you get the utmost benefits and, at the same time, will keep your health intact.
  • Pregnant and lactating women must seek their doctor’s opinion prior to making any such drink a part of their diet.
  • Don’t lose track of your daily exercise as any dietary changes are a small part, and exercise predominantly shows major effects.

The Chinese culture has been dependent on tea for ages. Tea has been considered an appreciated source to cure several types of diseases and even to heal the body. In fact, back in time, when someone was asked to get medicine in China, it simply implied getting tea. The above article has illuminated the properties of Chinese weight loss teas.

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