9 Extraordinary Tourism Travel Trends That Travellers Are Going Crazy Over

9 Extraordinary Tourism Travel Trends That Travellers Are Going Crazy Over

Nothing sounds better than taking a few days off to travel around and explore different places around the world. Especially after the Covid-19 outbreak, it has been the most craved thing, and a lot has changed since then. Tourism travel trends were already dynamic, but presently they have surpassed a plethora of boundaries of evolution.

Now cozy accommodation isn’t the only thing on top of a traveller’s bucket list. The tourism industry is constantly striving not to miss out on any ongoing and emerging trend so as to keep itself boastful. This article enlightens the key tourism travel trends of the present times.

9 Extraordinary Tourism Travel Trends

Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or are occupied in this industry, this article provides key tourism travel trends that are crucial to look upon:

1. Ecotourism

The global lockdown was no less than a transition phase for the environment. The Air Quality Index (AQI) indications of that time suffice to show how clean and breathable the air was during that period. No harmful emissions, no unbearable honkings, just pure breathable air did set the perfect zone for survival in those hard times. After all, the home galleries were the only unrestricted stretch we all could go to that time.

Now, people dive much deeper into this aspect and look around for such travel options that optimally touch the benchmarks of “eco-friendliness.” The carbon footprint has been quite a matter of contention these days while booking flights. Swapping fuel-based vehicles with energy-driven vehicles is another move that adds to ecotourism.

It’s worth mentioning here that ecotourism is not confined to nature preservation, rather it also talks of investing radically in environmental conservation.

Several reports on ecotourism suggest that this tourism travel trend will rise by 115 billion USD in 4 to 5 years. Tourists oft-times mark their vacay time by going kayaking or boating, which is also a major reason to stress upon the concept of ecotourism. More investments in environmental conservation and upgradation, the more the chances of revenue escalation.

2. Contactless Ordering And Deliveries (From Ticket Booking To Food Orders)

We all have witnessed a major upward shift in online orders, be it for anything from groceries to clothes. How come tourism travel trends weren’t going to get impacted by this? In fact, they had a boastful impact.

A plethora of eateries (both large and small) did shift to e-menus for taking orders, and contactless order placements and deliveries became an imperative part of our everyday life. This isn’t something alienated for 21st-century people, but the extent of upscale that has been seen in this system’s utilization is quite drastic.

3. Solo Trips

Solo trips have taken over the old group itinerary these days. Many call it a consequence of too much “family time,” that people today love to go exploring places with their inner self in serene places rather than hearing muffled chattering.

Reportedly, the percentage of solo travel bookings upturned by 10 to 15 percent in India during the post-pandemic time. Similar stats have been reported by a plethora of surveys from huge travel corporations and sites.

4. Workations

When the scenario entirely shifted to work from home, business and leisure went hand-in-hand. As per the economic times, more than 45% of the people were going a bundle on solo workations.

Putting it in simple words, when you’re on a workation, it simply indicates that you’ve packed your bags, travelled to an exquisite location that will be a temporary residential area of yours for the forthcoming month or so, and then repeat this as a spree. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Remote work has made managing work from anywhere as easy as ABC. The credit for easing the hefts of being on a trip and unveiling paths by oneself goes to avant-garde technological advancements of the present times that gave birth to platforms like Zoom and Google Meet.

This tourism travel trend opens a hub of opportunities for those engaged in the industry to tap through this and provide their potential clientele with unbeatable services.

5. Sustainable Tourism

Lately, MakeMyTrip has joined hands with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which is actively inclined toward taking measures for developing and implementing tourism techniques that foster the overall economic, environmental and social aspects.

9 Extraordinary Tourism Travel Trends That Travellers Are Going Crazy Over

Six Senses Fiji resort is a quintessential example of such a place that supports sustainable tourism in the true sense. It supports the principle of the 3Rs, i.e., reduce, reuse and recycle. Plus to that, it is functional on solar power.

As mentioned above, sustainable tourism also focuses on economic and social development, supporting local and small businesses. A plethora of surveys found that people are willing to shed extra amounts for sustainable places that facilitate eco-friendly activities.

6. Hygiene And Safety

After the Covid outbreak, even those who were reckless about cleanliness and sanitation have become considerate about it. This tourism travel trend must be followed by enterprises involved in the hospitality line without being told.

When people book a resort or accommodation anywhere, they don’t go without checking for proper sanitation arrangements, so if you deal in the hospitality industry, it is better not to turn a blind eye to the hygiene specifications.

7. Customization

This is another tourism travel trend that is widely followed these days and is expected to bloom in the near future. There is no denying that in present times, people have become more oriented towards specifications as well as customizations. From gifts to rooms, every piece of thing gets changed bit by bit to fit the customer’s taste and preferences.

Travelling itself being an experience marks the demands of customization. People prefer packages that allow them to set their own itinerary, which comprises everything from routes to hotel picks to stop-overs of their own choice, that too as per a timetable that suits them. Now skipping over this is nobody’s first choice, right?

8. Recreational Activities

Don’t we all go looking for the activities we can take a hand in at places if we plan to visit there even for a day or two? Then, why not for a trip? After all, it’s not just leisure time that we wish to spend there.

9 Extraordinary Tourism Travel Trends That Travellers Are Going Crazy Over

We look for activities that can make us ponder upon a well cherished time. That’s why activities have been a craze area for travel enthusiasts. This is why hotels’ and resorts’ management put a lot of effort into crafting distinctive amusing activities to mark great memories for their guests.

9. Local Experiences

When it comes to travelling, trying distinctive experiences is always at the top of a human’s bucket list. In present times, travellers are pondering upon local experiences. This inclination has resulted in incorporating local places into tour packages. Travellers are more interested in finding what culture, festivals, and traditions go around the place they are visiting.


Tourism travel trends have evolved much over the years. Today, travelling horizons have surpassed mere concerns about amenities and a well-structured room. This is no less than a grand evolution. This article has enlisted 9 such out-of-the-ordinary tourism travel trends that are being followed presently and are expected to be seen in the upcoming times.

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