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How To Get Rid Of Creases In Shoes: 6 Ways For Synthetic Shoes To Suede Shoes

No matter how much you deny it, deep inside, shoe creases leave you with a nasty feeling. Every time you get a glimpse of that crease, you feel like, why does it have to be there? Sure there isn’t any magic trick or any undo command for this; nonetheless, you can learn how to get rid of creases in shoes.

Do you know what actually gets the shoes so worn out? Because they are your favorite pair that you can’t do without anywhere you go. Their comfort makes your feet go in their direction, and you just can’t help it. Say, who is to blame now? Well, we aren’t here to play the blame game. So leaving that apart, let’s start talking about how to get rid of creases in shoes.

How To Get Rid Of Creases In Shoes

Shoe creases really spoil the look of the whole attire. Though you can’t completely live off it (hurting but practical and true), you can surely do away with it. Yes, that can happen if you know how to get rid of creases in shoes. Here are a few ways:-

1.Buy Shoe Trees Or Shoe Stretchers

Shoe trees/Shoe stretchers are great for keeping a shoe’s shape intact and getting rid of shoe creases. This is a very effective way as well as an investment if you’re looking around for ways on how to get rid of creases in shoes. That’s why it is the first and foremost investment for someone who wants to retain their shoes in the best shape for a long period of time.

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How To Get Rid Of Creases In Shoes: 6 Ways For Synthetic Shoes To Suede Shoes

Image Credits: amazon.com

It comes in plastic, metal, and wood as well. But don’t just miss out on your size details. Also, you can leave them inside your shoes whenever you aren’t bothering them or until the next time you need them.

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2. Iron Your Clothes Shoes!

Yes, you read that right! Ironing shoes can set them wrinkle-free. Wait, wait! It’s not the same as ironing clothes. It must be noted that there are certain precautions that need to be taken care of while ironing shoes.

  • Firstly, expunge the laces from your shoes because they aren’t meant to be ironed. Instead, they can be washed.
  • Now use shoe trees to stuff the shoes. In case you don’t have them at the very moment, clean rags would do. It is advised not to use newspaper or any other inked paper for this purpose as it might damage the shoes.
  • Take a small-sized towel (flannel fabric can also be used) and drench it in the water. Then squeeze it out as we need it to dampen and not be saturated.

How To Remove Creases From Shoes

Image Credits: instructables.com

  • Heat up the iron moderately; using it too hot can burn the shoes. If you are using a steam iron, only fill the water first and then plug it in.
  • Put the dampened towel on the shoe front and place the iron over it. Move the iron in circular motions with very little pressure to straighten out the creases. Don’t place the iron on any part of the shoes for more than 3 to 4 seconds; otherwise, it can get burned, so keep your hands moving and pick the iron after every 3 to 4 seconds.
  • If the towel gets dry while ironing the shoes, you can damp it again, but it should not be too wet.
  • Once done, remove the towel from the shoes and let them dry under the air.
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NOTE: While using this method for suede shoes, forget not to drain the towel well because too much water can damage the shoes. Or else, read further because this is just a single way; there are many more.

3. Microwave The Towel!

If you’re in doubt that using a damp towel or cloth can damage the suede shoes, you can use it this way.

How To Get Rid Of Creases In Shoes: 6 Ways For Synthetic Shoes To Suede Shoes

Image Credits: artofmanliness.com

  • Take a towel and drench it in the water.
  • Squeeze out the water as much as you can, and then put the towel in a heat-resistant dish. Place it in the microwave for about half a minute.
  • Put the shoe trees into your shoes and lay over the towel on the spot where the shoe is creased, and leave it over there for about 10 to 12 seconds. If you need, repeat the procedure, and now you’re well-versed with how to get rid of creases in shoes using a dampened towel.
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4. Use Leather Oil/ Leather Conditioner

Using grade-quality leather oil or conditioner is another of the best ways to get the creases out of your shoes. But first, apply it on a little portion of the shoes or any old pair of shoes to see if it tampers with the color.

How To Prevent Creases In Shoes

Image Credits: amazon.com

  • Place the shoe trees or any clean rags into the shoes.
  • Put 2 to 3 drops of leather oil onto the shoe surface and gently rub it over it in a clockwise manner, spending a little extra time over the creased area.
  • Gently remove the creases and stretch out the shoes as and when required.
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5. Diluted Rubbing Alcohol Can Help

How To Prevent Creases In Shoes

Image Credits: 5.imimg.com

Rubbing alcohol is typically found in every pharmacy. In an empty spray bottle, mix together equal quantities of rubbing alcohol and water. Now insert the shoe trees or shoe stretchers into the shoes and spray the solution over the creases rubbing it with your hands and putting almost negligible pressure.

6. Shoe Trees & Blow Dryer

How To Prevent Creases In Shoes

Image Credits: nike.com

Shoe trees & blow dryer can make any old creases disappear, and your shoe’s outside smooth. Insert the shoe trees into the shoes and blow dry them on low heat while ensuring that there is about 6 feet distance between the two. Remember not to get stuck in thoughts while doing so, as blow drying any part of shoes for longer can get them to warp. That’s why you must keep your hands moving.

Shoe creases can reduce the durability of even recently purchased shoes and make them look second-rate. But if you learn how to get rid of creases in shoes, you can save them and your looks from being deplorable.

Mention in the comment section which way worked out best for you.

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