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Custom E-Commerce Software Development: What Are Its Benefits for Businesses

Today, it is very important for a business to win the trust of customers and increase the number of sales using all possible channels. Even if you focus mainly on sales in your offline store, a well-designed e-commerce website will help you improve your market position and outperform your competitors. Such a site today is worth ordering from a company that offers custom e-commerce software development. Why custom ecommerce development is the best choice? Here are some arguments and an example of such a development.

  1. Market Growth as a Catalyst of E-commerce Development

Have you noticed that in recent years there has been tremendous growth in the online sales market? The 2020 pandemic has forced many people to rethink the way they buy goods and services and give preference to online shopping. But at the same time, the growth in demand provoked an increase in supply. As a result, the number of e-commerce sites is growing exponentially, which means that competition even in the narrowest niche is quite serious.

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Custom eCommerce Development

How to overcome it and come forward? In addition to obvious solutions like launching advertising campaigns and creating attractive discounts for customers, today an important part of a successful sales strategy is the development of an e-commerce site. And in this case, it is custom e-commerce software development that will give you more chances of success. Here are 4 arguments in favor of the custom development of e-commerce projects.

  1. Custom E-Commerce Software Development vs On-Shelve Products
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So, what makes custom e-commerce software development more profitable than buying an on-shelf site?

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1. Only custom development will 100% correspond to the functionality of the site that you need. For example, you need to provide regular customers with automatic discounts, set up intuitive search filters in the catalog, or make a purchase available both in 1 click and through the basket. All this is not available in standard website builders. And an experienced developer will select a custom solution to provide exactly those functions that you need.
2. Ability to integrate custom e-commerce software with other programs and applications that you use for business. If you use digital business management solutions, you can easily integrate your e-commerce site with them to get all the data and ensure transparency of all processes.
3. Custom e-commerce sites are always more attractive to users. Due to the work of UX / UI designers who think through all the details to ensure high usability and corporate style, visitors remember such sites better.
4. And finally, the question of price. It is believed that the development of custom products is expensive. But in fact, you can get a high-quality site for your store, and the ecommerce website development cost will not upset you. To do this, it is enough to contact companies that offer outsourcing services for the development of e-commerce sites.

For example, we will give an example of such a company and its recent project.

  1. How to Implement Custom E-commerce Software Products: an Example by RexSoft  
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RexSoft is a development company working under US legislation. Its clients often apply for custom software development services as RexSoft’s pros offer high expertise for affordable rates. That’s why a big auto spare parts retailer AvtoLeader applied for its services when required an e-commerce site. 

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After several interviews with a business owner, RexSoft’s team highlighted the main tasks and requirements and started its work. The result was impressive, as a newly designed and developed  e-commerce website gained all the features the customer needed.

  • It provides stable and constant operation even in peak loads,
  • It offers users an intuitive search to ease the purchase process.
  • It works in the integration with a third-party database of product titles.
  • It hosts over 100,000 products and categories.

That’s why custom e-commerce software development is a service that you need if you set high goals for your business.  


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