MotoGP Online Betting Guide


The world’s greatest riders compete in MotoGP, the highest level of motorcycle racing on road circuits, which is incredibly thrilling. The Grand Prix, Moto2, Moto3, and MotoE classes make up the Moto Grand Prix season, the oldest motorsport competition in the world. Furthermore, several opportunities in online betting like exist to bet and win large at each season and event. You are at the proper place if you are entirely new to MotoGP racing. 

Top Online Sportsbooks for MotoGP

Choosing the right sportsbook might be challenging, given the various possibilities available. Before registering with any online bookmaker, it’s crucial, in our opinion, to consider many factors. Features including competitive odds, various promos, in-play markets, and live streaming should be accessible.


There are several reasons why OKBET has become one of the most well-known offshore bookmakers in the whole world. However, the top factors are a fully loaded sportsbook, a spotless reputation, and plain incentives.


The competitive pricing of BetOnline’s betting lines is another significant advantage. Even a difference of -10 on a MotoGP race winner wager substantially impacts the season. BetOnline consistently tops the competition in terms of cost for players who “shop lines,” which we encourage. BetOnline generally offers lines that, if not the most value-rich ones, are unquestionably quite near to being so.


With its mobile-friendly website, XBet offers mobile betting. The style is modern. The loading times are lightning-quick. And utilizing it is just as easy as using a desktop. XBet is your best friend if you wait until the very last second to bet on a MotoGP race.

Types of MotoGP Betting

The MotoGP betting possibilities are limited, but you can still have fun with the odds on any of the 19 circuits during the season, even though properly guessing the winner of the race is very thrilling and lucrative in terms of odds payment.

Outright Winner

The most common type of wager is betting on the clear winner since it is simple to comprehend. You may wager on the cyclist you believe will win the race, and it’s as easy as it sounds. According to their prior results and the riders they are up against, each rider’s odds to win will be listed for each race. On the odds board, the top rider is the favorite and has the best chance of winning.

MotoGP Futures

You can bet about who will win the rider’s champions league because racing has a season with many events and a winner at the end. The racer accrues the most points throughout the season and is eligible for this honor. The fact that riders receive points for finishing in the top 15 spots in each race and are in high demand contributes to how competitive and profitable the races are. Teams of riders compete, and you may wager on the constructor’s championship, which awards points to a whole team following an entire racing season.

If you notice a rider starting to acquire momentum early in the season, such as in the first few weeks, you may put a futures wager. Since you are predicting an outcome in great detail well before the event, future odds are significantly higher than typical single-game winner chances.

Podium Finisher

Most racing events follow a podium structure, acknowledging the top three finishers for their accomplishment. Every racing event has odds on the podium finish, so you may wager on a rider to finish in the top three at sportsbooks. No matter where the cyclist places in the standings, as long as it’s first, second, or third, it doesn’t matter. It frequently occurs when you anticipate a driver will do well in the race but aren’t sure they will take the overall victory.

Fastest Qualifier (Pole Position)

Each driver starts the race in a different place, and your starting position, often known as your “pole position,” impacts how well you do. The riders compete in qualifying races before the main event, and the driver with the best time is given the pole position. The qualifications offer information about the driver and their performance on the track, which may be very helpful in predicting how the race will proceed the following day.

Similarly to the overall winner bet, you may wager on the pole position or quickest qualifier as a warm-up for the Grand Prix.