Male Psychology After A Breakup: How Men React?

Male Psychology After A Breakup: How Men React?

Male psychology after a breakup is often gauged to be impudent. But to your surprise, whether it’s a male or female, breakup affects both. Nonetheless, women dwell longer on those feelings. Today we’ll see how a male evolves into different phases of repercussions of a breakup.

Any form of relationship is complex. This is a fact that there is no other love constant than the Almighty’s love. Yet, He Himself made attachment dwell within us. And adjusting the degree of those emotions, which do come around in different phases, is the fight we have to win (by Almighty’s grace) before they control us.


Male Psychology After A Breakup


Emotions are complex and vary in degree for everyone. And even harder to figure out when it comes to a breakup for men. Some might go screaming their feelings countless times, whereas others might just do the opposite. The way to respond to emotional scenarios varies from person to person, even in the situation. That being said, there are certain changes in the behavior of a man that are typically seen.


Decoded: Male Psychology After A Breakup

Men don’t get hurt. Well, such a saying is inappropriate whether you talk of a physical injury or emotional pain. Of course, they do feel certain things, but the way they express them can differ. That’s why getting the hang of male psychology after a breakup becomes a biting a bullet kind of task at times.

Though there is no set pattern or a fixed way to respond to a situation for males (like any human), the below-mentioned emotions are widely observed when a breakup hits a man.


He Can Indulge In Toxic Activities

Dealing with a breakup isn’t easy for all men. It is often noticed that males do indulge in illicit and toxic habits after a breakup. They seek relief in smoking, drinking, and other such unhealthy activities. Some psychologists also hold the view that such turns are a way to showcase how the ex has destroyed the life of the boy.


He Can Be Indifferent

Some rough-tough personas don’t even let themselves know that they are upset about the breakup. Such reactions are often linked to possibilities- either the guy wants to forget that person, or he just wants to hide how hurt he is. This is what such a response tells about male psychology after a breakup.


Male Psychology After A Breakup


They hang out, party hard, laugh loudly, even get along with other people, and move on like the breakup didn’t affect them a bit. Now the real intent is known either by God or by the guy himself. Psychologists say that some guys might socialize more just to show the other person while the hurt kills them inside. Or they actually don’t want to be with you anymore.


He Won’t Feel Like Talking

While some guys hangout after a breakup as usual, others might feel like living inside four walls. Often when a guy goes through the breakup phase, he gets to isolate himself. He will only open up to someone whom he trusts the most, even that too, hardly. Otherwise, he will spend much of his time alone in a room. Again, male psychology after a breakup is to blame for this. This is so because it sets them with a feeling of betrayal. That’s why they don’t easily hang out. Or even if they do, they won’t be that much involved with their friends. This situation is also not good if it persists for longer.


He Can’t Think Clearly

In some cases, a breakup might occur at such a point that the boy might feel perplexed. They keep on wondering what went wrong or what happened that made the situation this bad. This is the most certain reaction when a man was really giving his heart and soul into a relationship. The unclear situations might take a toll on male psychology after a breakup.


He Can Get Rude

Of course, the feeling of resentment does evolve when men get separated from their much-adored person. Though the scenarios can differ: the boy himself can be at fault or can be the victim of unfair circumstances. In both cases, the ego persists. Now the degree can vary, but the hit that comes with that left-out feeling is hard to cope with.

It’s a normal human tendency to see other people’s faults first. Sometimes this can prompt him to take revenge by many negative means. Because rights and wrongs get pale, but a thoughtful consideration can resolve things.

He needs some time to understand his mindset and gradually realize the other side of the story. Even if it was not the guy’s fault, self-analysis could set him free, and accepting the truth becomes easier.


He Understands The Meaning Of True Love

Though all the above phases naturally dwell within a guy after a breakup, he can also act rationally. No relationships go straight. Ups and downs are a part of life. And sometimes, they can result in a breakup. But one thing that doesn’t change is- Love. If a boy truly loves someone, they can never hurt that person. True love makes us a better person. Even if one has to part ways for any reason, it doesn’t let hatred evolve in the heart.


Male Psychology After A Breakup


Moreover, if a guy truly loves a girl, her happiness is his utmost priority, no matter if it means she can’t be with him anymore. A clear understanding of love is stated by a quote often- ‘When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily.’ Letting that flower bloom in its own surroundings happily gives happiness to you too.



In the case of males, reckoning emotional and psychological impacts is tricky. This is so because they get raised with an expectation of not being allowed to show their emotions. Otherwise, they are considered weak.

When a breakup takes a toll on a guy, it’s not easy for them to deal with it. But forceful relationships bring out the chaos in daily life. Not just that, it even breaks a person more if they encounter betrayal in the future.

A boy might show any set of emotions after a breakup. This is so because several things have an impact on male psychology after a breakup.

The man’s circle, thought procedure, and intellect has a major impact on how he behaves. While some guys easily grasp the fact that the sense of belongingness can’t emerge convincingly, others take time to understand this. After all, things change, but life goes on, and everything happens for a reason.