12 Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers To Make Them Step Out Of The Room

12 Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers To Make Them Step Out Of The Room

These days kids are so occupied with mobile phones and video games that outdoor activities have become an alienated thing for them. Such a lifestyle adversely affects their physical and mental growth. But worry not today you’ll get to know about 12 outdoor activities for preschoolers that will make them rekindle with out-of-door fun.

Even schools also plan educational trips for kids to give them exposure to practical learning skills. It is imperative to introduce kids to out-the-house sports and activities from an early age because they tend to follow habits of that phase for longer in their life.

So whether you’re out on a vacation or wish to plan a regular schedule that includes some fun leaving the four walls of the house with your kiddo, here are some exciting outdoor activities for preschoolers that can help you.

Benefits Of Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers

  • Exposure To Outer World: In this technological era, interaction has become more of a concern in the case of kids. But fun activities that can be performed outside the home can provide better chances of interaction for kids.
  • Less Screen Time: It’s no secret that kids these days spend the lion’s share of their time on mobile phones, iPads, or laptops. This adversely affected their eyesight, physical health, and cognitive health. But when kids start to explore playful activities outside the house, they start to move away from gadgets.
  • Stress Buster: One of the most significant benefits of outdoor activities for preschoolers is that they provide relief from stress and motivate them to keep their spirits high.
  • Muscle Development: Activities done out of the house are meant to give strength to body muscles and increase their endurance. This also improves their balance, flexibility, and posture.
  • Strengthen Stamina: Usually, kids who stay indoors tend to get tired soon even after a minimal workout or walking. Outdoor activities increase their stamina for physical exertion.
  • Develops Cognitive Health: Through distinctive outdoor activities for preschoolers, learn to focus while managing multiple tasks and respond to situations on the spot.

12 Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers

Just remaining inside the house environment can make kids homesick and lazy. That’s why these fun outdoor activities for kids will make them fall for physical activities. As a matter of fact, these activities will also bring them close to nature. So let’s get started:

1. Sound Hunt

Treasure hunt is an old idea, you can switch to a sound hunt game. You might have already figured out what it is. Ask your kids to cover their eyes with a soft cloth and then they will score a point based on the number of sounds they can recognize correctly. It can be a bird’s sound, steps approaching, leaf rustle, or a vehicle passing by. This way, they’ll recognize sounds and attentiveness toward their environment.

2. Sun Melts What?

This is another one of the most amazing outdoor activities for preschoolers that’ll keep your 3 to 5-year-old away from the mobile. Ask your kids to collect a few items (such as chocolates, candles, sugar cubes, ice cubes, pencils, building blocks, etc.). Gather them in a tray with different compartments (like a baking tray), then ask them to put it under direct sunlight and wait. Such activity will give them practical experience of their learned knowledge.

3. Cycling

Classic ever! You must not underestimate cycling because developing a keenness for this activity will give you a knack for exercise forever.

Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers

Cycling is one such activity that can enhance the overall muscle and joint health of kids. From an early age, if your little munchkins enjoys it, their cardiovascular health will be intact. Moreover, they can learn directions to nearby places to get there on their own.

4. Planting

To bring your child close to nature, tell them how to plant trees. The most lucrative part about this activity is that it can be done outside in a park, or your home lawn, in the garden, or even in pots. You’ll not only make them learn a very generous skill but also develop a purified environment around them.

5. Drawing And Painting

Artistic views help connect to a whole another world. As we grow up we tend to become more practical but activities such as drawing and painting, liberate us to define imaginary aspects.

Your kids will not only love to paint their hands in colors but will also learn an artistic skill. For this, you’ll first need to learn a little about painting but don’t worry because you don’t need to be a pro at it, remember it’s for fun. Scenic views of the outdoors will allow your kid to pick different colors from the universe to paint their canvas. To add a twist you can make kids paint outdoor tiles.

6. Horse Riding

Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers

Horse riding is another one among splendid outdoor activities for preschoolers. Riding on horses will keep your kid away from stress. It’ll be a fun and defining activity that will help your child assess balancing skills. During the ride, kids learn to control the speed and direction of the horse. This enhances their ability to judge the situations and see to what extent they can control them.

7. Lights Say Something- Red, Green, And Yellow

To make your kid understand the traffic rules, there is nothing better than introducing them to traffic lights. But yes, you also need a safe environment for them. So you can create colored sign boards and teach kids what they indicate playfully.

8. Spider Web Search

Take some threads- colorful or white your choice! Then tie them with arch sticks. Then paste a few sticky notes on them asking some questions. Allow them to cross the path if they answer the question right. This will elevate the fun element in learning.

9. Swimming

Swimming is safe to learn for kids older than 4 years. It improves lung functionality, stamina, agility, patience and flexibility. Moreover, it develops cardiovascular health more profoundly.

Kids who learn to swim don’t fall prey to problems of BP, obesity, and anxiety disorder. It also helps in increasing height and building endurance ability. However, all the necessary precautions must be taken under the supervision of a coach.

10. Stapoo (Hopscotch)

Stapoo (similar to Hopscotch) is one of the most typical outdoor activities for preschoolers and teenagers in India. This game can be played as a team or individually. To play this, ask kids to draw squares as shown in the image below and number them.

Then one person will throw a small stone in the first section and then jump to the further sections. The section with two boxes can be used to stand on two feet in between. Almost every Indian kid must have played this hop game at least once.

11. Backward Walk Counting

Since we are talking about outdoor activities for preschoolers, backward walk counting can help them with mathematics. You surely have made your kid learn a few concepts at home, for instance- counting.

Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers

But backward counting is a little tricky concept for kids to learn. That’s why walking over numbers or counting steps backward will make it easier for them to understand the concept more clearly with fun.

12. Parachute Popcorn Game

Relax, there is no need to make popcorn for this. In fact, it’s a fun group outdoor activity that requires a lot of smiley balls and a large circular parachute-sized cloth, nevertheless, you can also use a bedsheet.

Kids make a circle standing at a little distance from each other tightly holding a little portion of cloth in their hand. All the balls remain in the center. The next thing kids will do is move their hands to form waves across the cloth. All the balls must fall out of the cloth in different directions. Lastly, on a count of three, ask kids to collect the balls. To develop socialization skills, you can build teams.

Physical activities have gone invisible from the lives of kids. The above-mentioned 12 outdoor activities for preschoolers will surely give them new excitement in daily life.