4 ways to improve communication in your company, according to Sunday Marketplace


Companies must face multiple challenges every day and one of them is the harmonious coexistence among their workers. It is not a myth that the relationship between employees is crucial when it comes to productivity and success in the objectives.

Sometimes, companies cloud over this important condition and look for results to arrive without improving the climate among workers. This can be counterproductive, because if an ideal environment is not created, failure could come immediately.

There is a world of difference between working in a team and enjoying working in a team. Once the philosophy and motivation have reached the group, the work will be easier, there will most certainly be better results, and the collaborators will feel a real identity with the company and its purposes.

Sunday Marketplace has valuable advice so that the employment relationship within your company improves and reaches an optimal level.

  1. Share successes and failures

One of the easiest ways to generate unity among the group is to recognize the work of each one and make it part of something bigger. Success does not come thanks to the task of a single person; it appears when everyone did their job correctly: let them know.

When the triumphs come, let all the collaborators know that they were an important piece in the process.

And the same when failures are present, give the responsibility to the team and do not place the blame pointing to a single character, try to encourage support for those who made a mistake, after all, we are human.

  1. Fluid communication

To improve relations and the climate within the company, you must promote open and fluid communication. The confidence to express points of view and feelings is crucial to resolve company (or personal) conflicts faster.

Emphasize that it is not advisable to talk behind the back of others or criticize the work of others without the intention of being constructive. In addition, it is pertinent that, when the work routine ends, they can connect from other areas that are not tasks or jobs.

  1. Help and allow them to help

One person’s vision cannot be enough for continued success, so it is crucial that you encourage the collaboration of others. When there are good relationships and a good climate in the company, the intention to improve and grow will be almost automatic. If they all grow, one grows. The disposition is also important, for a collaborator to have the intention of offering their support it is important to validate it and encourage them to do so. How? with trust.

  1. Positive attitude

As crude as it may seem, facing good challenges with a good face can be decisive in whether the team fails or succeeds.

You have to be understanding with adverse situations, because they will not be missing, but you must not let that contaminate the whole team. There is no better strength than taking negativity and turning it into motivation.

With the advice from Sunday Marketplace, you will be able to take the relationship between all your collaborators to the highest point. Following them has only one destination: to succeed. Doing so will give you collective, and therefore individual, growth.