6 Types Of Braids That Go Well With Any Hair Length & Occasion

6 Types Of Braids That Go Well With Any Hair Length & Occasion

Girls and hairstyles have an extra special relationship. After all, hairstyles can amp up the whole look and…. you know what I mean, right? But one heavy cost that we all don’t want to pay for is the health of our hair. Only if there were something that could help us in our routine. Well, cheer up and consider it done, because, by the end of this article, you’ll learn about six types of braids that can go with your regular attire.

As simple as they sound, braids can give your look a 360-degree revamp. In fact, these days, braids have become the charm of special day looks also.

If you’re worried about thin hair volume and density, then braids might sound a little daunting to you. But the types of braids that you’re about to discover will only elevate your confidence. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Types Of Braids

Here are 6 most cherished types of braids that you can adorn with any outfit from jeans to ethnic wear:

(i) French Braid

Fairies love French braids! Though they are most typical, they give a different vibe to every person based on the way they carry themselves. What you need for this is to pick a thick section of your hair and divide it in three sections. Now twisting the three separate sections in the braid adjust the right section first over the center one. Then repeat the same for the left side strand. Every time you’ll come down remember to incorporate a new strand of hair from the sideways.

Types Of Braids

Overlapping the center braid, keep repeating the same steps until you make a nice length of braid (as per your hair length). Stop at least about 1 or 1 ½ inches before your hair ends and tie them with a tight rubber band.

And you’re good to go. This hairstyle can go with any outfit be it a funky denim jacket or a suit.

(ii) Dutch Braid

Types Of Braids

The Dutch braid is another essential type of braid that is in trend these days. For the first time, you need to cross the right hair strand from under the center strand. Repeat the same for the left side and tie the ending knot in a rubber band. Lastly, loosen up your braids externally with slight pressure. This will add a classic lift to your braid. Dutch braids add charisma to ethnic looks and gowns.

(iii) Waterfall Braid

Want to give your hair a breezy vibe? Then the waterfall braid is worth every effort. It is a feasible alternative for contemporary check shirts, frocks, and gowns.

Types Of Braids

To start over, draw out a thick section of your hair from any of the sideways and separate them into three sections. Place the left side strand onto the one in the middle and then do the same with the right one. Incorporate a new hair strand every time you move down making a braid.

Be certain to leave the hair strand outwards after every pass/cross to maintain the waterfall effect. Securing the ends with a rubber band, pin the braid behind your ears.

(iv) Fishtail Braid

Types Of Box Braids

Once you’ll get an idea of how cute a fishtail braid does look with any attire, you’ll be its fan. There is no restriction to the style that you wish to create at the front. Then tie up all the hair in a ponytail. Dividing the hair into two equal parts, now take a thin strand of hair from one side and merge it with the opposite side. Then repeat the same step for the alternate side. Keep the grip firm and tight when you pull the hair apart on incorporation. Finish it by smoothening the ends and use a rubber band to tie it. From tees to sarees, you can wear your hair in a fishtail braid without any worries.

(v) 4 Strand Braid

If you’re one of those who love to keep things classic yet stand out, you’ll love this type of braid. You can carry it in any formal attire as well. But yes this demands a lot of patience if you’re doing it for the first time.

Types Of Box Braids

To do a 4 strand braid, smoothen up your hair first. Then tie a high ponytail (but not too high). You already know the next part, right? Divide your hair into 4 equal sections. To ease it for yourself, first, divide the hair into two equal parts and then take out one section from each halve. Label the sections in your head (numerically or alphabetically). For the time being, let’s label the two strands on the left side as first and second (top to bottom) and the right ones as third and fourth respectively.

Now cross the second strand over the first one, bring the first strand outwards from under the third strand and then from under the fourth strand. Give it a read again if you didn’t catch it.

The next time, cross the first strand over the second one and bring the second strand outwards from under the third and fourth strands. Repeat until you get the braid of your favorable length. Detangle and tie the ends with a rubber band. It can be hard initially, but once you get a grip on it, you’ll get a versatile hairstyle.

(vi) Milkmaid Braid

Another very distinctive and cute type of braid is the milkmaid braid. Using a pencil comb, part your hair from the middle. Now you need to make simple braids as if you’re a little school-going girl.

Types Of Box Braids

Once you’re done with braids on both sides, pick each braid and secure it on the top of your head with a bobby pin. Give the finishing you wish to give it and place the braids as upfront as you like them to be. That’s all, you can rock this look with a long skirt and high-neck top or a casual peplum top and high-waist jeans and heels.

You can go on and on with different kinds of hairstyles these days. But we all face some lazy days or scenarios when we’re on a run and yet want to wear a different hairstyle. The braid styles mentioned in the article above can rescue you at such times. So which one are you going to try first?