20 Packing Hacks For Travel That Will Ease Your Journey In Real

20 Packing Hacks For Travel That Will Ease Your Journey In Real

Luggage can make or break your travel experience. Especially if you always have the hunch to be prepared with extras just in case. But worry not! Today you’ll get to know 20 packing hacks for travel that will ease your luggage hassles.

Most times we tend to anticipate that extra clothes and accessories must be carried along. But the case goes the contrary and handling the overpacked luggage becomes a biting a bullet kind of a task. You might feel surprised seeing people who carry minimalistic stuff on travel with them.

For one thing, you’ll also carry gifts and souvenirs back with you. So this definitely demands mastering the art of light packing. Anyone can do light packing once they get to know packing hacks for travel. These tips will keep you least bothered about both extra weight and freight. Plus to that, you’ll not miss out on any essentials. So without any further ado, let’s start with the hacks.

Packing Hacks For Travel

Here are 20 packing hacks to get through travel hassles easily-

For Overall Travel

1. Make A List

Packing Hacks For Travel

This is the first and foremost packing hack for travel. You must make a list of all the essentials that you need to take with you on your trip. This resolves half of your luggage problem. Enlist everything from footwear to clothes to medicines. This way, you’ll be more sorted.

2. Invest In Packing Cubes

Clothes Hack Travel
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Packing cubes are a very diligent investment that can make your travel more convenient. Even if you’re traveling alone for a business meeting, exam, or a solo trip, packing cubes can save a lot of your space and time. You can label separate packing cubes and keep them all in a suitcase to carry along. This way your stuff won’t get mixed up and you can pack your essentials separately.

3. Share & Divide Among Your Traveling Partners

Packing Hacks For Travel

Last but not the least overall packing hack for travel is sharing and dividing among travel partners. If you’ve got traveling companions, divide some of the items among each other. This way, one can use each other’s stuff if necessary. Planning this will also save last-minute hassles.

For Clothes

4. Do Some Weather Research

Weather Check Before Travel

It is one such essential travel tip that must not be forgotten. If you’ve researched well about the weather of the place you’re going to, you can pack clothes accordingly. This will save your costs if carrying extras and also you’ll get to carry lightweight bags.

5. Pack Mix-n-Match

Clothes Hack Travel

Most times we struggle to decide what to slip into while on tours. Because you want to enjoy every shade doesn’t mean you can carry all your wardrobe. That’s why it will work best in your favor to mix and match the clothing. It has dual benefits. Firstly, you’ll not get perplexed about what to wear. Secondly, you can have different combinations to post your pictures with #OOTD.

6. Keep Tek Gears With You

Tek gears are no less than a life savior. Especially if you’re planning to go to a warm place, packing too many clothes will only add an extra load. Instead, pack stuff such stuff that can absorb your sweat and you don’t have to compromise your travel bag’s space too.

7. Roll Your Clothes

Here comes one of the most suggested yet difficult to learn packing hacks for travel. But you can at least try to learn it. For some rolling up clothes is a space-saver trick, while for others flattened clothes do the needful. I leave this decision to you. For rolling your T-shirt, fold its bottom inside out (1 inch). Fold the left side and adjust the arm. Do the same for the right side and roll the tee. Lastly, take out the previously folded 1-inch bottom to keep the T-shirt intact.

Packing Hacks For Travel

Socks pairs can also be kept rolled by overlapping both pieces. Then roll them and use the mouth of one sock to engulf them together. Otherwise, you can keep one sock piece in the other and make a ball.

8. Prepare An Emergency Bag

Luggage exchange is an unanticipated problem, so it’s better to prepare for it with this packing hack for travel. If you have carried at least one pair of clothes in your backpack or a handbag that you’re certain of keeping close to yourself during your entire journey, waiting for your swapped luggage will get a little easier. Also, keep some other essential stuff in that bag, for instance, medicines, power bank/adapter, and charging cord.

Pro Tip: Put on your name tags on your bag and cover it with transparent cello tape.

9. Pack Some Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets maintain a great fragrance inside your travel bag/suitcase. It keeps the smell at bay so that your clothes and shoes don’t shout – go away, go away! You can also put one in each packing bag and shoes.

For Health

10. Don’t Forget The First Aid Box

Travel Packing Hacks

Hurriedness and thrill might make you forget to keep a first aid kit. But don’t forget to have it because when you’re in a new land, you need to keep your medicines and medical stuff handy-

  • Bandages
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Cotton
  • Safety Pins
  • Scissors, etc. 

For Footwear

11. Don’t Pack All Your Footwear

Footwear takes up quite a space in the travel bag. So it is important to omit a few pairs from the travel list. But this can’t be done based on mood. 

Travel Packing Hacks

You need to be thoughtful of the place where you’re heading to. If you’re going to a hillside or deserted place, sports shoes are a must. In case you’re going to a place where snowfall is always present, take snow boots with you. Nevertheless, if you’re unsure it is best to keep a pair of these three footwear with you-

  • Sports shoes
  • Flip-flops, and
  • Fancy Shoes

Also, cover the shoe soles with shower caps to keep your clothes away from dirt.

12. Put On Some Stuff

Apart from your stuff, you are also going on the trip, right? Sorry, I know that wasn’t funny. The best packing hack for travel is to put on some of your accessory pieces, heavy footwear, and clothes. It’ll save you some space in your travel suitcase/bag.

For Personal Hygiene

13. Opt For Solid Toiletries

Travel Packing Hacks

Do you end up fretting over carrying a separate bag for toiletries and bathroom essentials? Well, then you must shift from carrying shampoo bottles, liquid soap bottles, gels, etc. to solid toiletries like deodorant sticks, soap bars, shampoo pouches, etc. These will not occupy too much space in your travel bag. This is a splendid packing hack for travel.

14. Look For Toiletry Bags With Hook

Travel Hacks

If you’re okay with carrying separate bags for keeping personal hygiene stuff, always opt for toiletry bags with a hook so that you don’t have to place your bag in a filthy area. Such bags are easy-to-carry and have enough space so that you can keep all your personal hygiene essentials in one place.

15. Get A Few Mini Bottles

At times, you’ll be discovering the most visited sites in a new land, and you might feel like trying the delicacies there. In such a case, you must carry mini bottles or pouches for washing your hands. Although hand sanitizers can also do this, too much chemical is not good for your health.

An additional packing hack for travel that comes with this is to use a cling wrap on the opening of the bottles to protect the materials from leaking out.

For Accessories & Electronics

16. Smartly Pack Your Accessories

Accessories can’t be left at home when you’re going out to a function/party out of town or overseas. So rather than carrying a separate bag for them, you can keep them smartly in your clothes bag only. For instance- you can keep a pendant or chain in a straw. Similarly, you can tuck earrings into the buttons of shirts. Also, instead of carrying whole boxes, you can keep your necklace, bangles, bracelets, and wristwatch in a plastic wrap or pouch.

17. Don’t Underestimate Sunglass Case

Genius Packing Hacks
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Oftentimes, even hard-core packers make a mess of their suitcase while looking for chargers, cords, and earphones. To avoid this, carry such stuff in your sunglass cases. Who thought even a sunglass case can give us a packing hack for travel?

18. Buy Wet Bags

Genius Packing Hacks

If you’re not willing to carry your cord and other electronic stuff in sunglass covers, wet bags are your go-to option. Let’s assume, you got stuck out in the rain or it’s your beach day, would you like to spoil your mood fretting over water attacking your stuff? Surely not. That’s why taking wet bags along with you is one of the best packing hacks for travel. They are also a good choice to carry your wet clothes without ruining your bag/suitcase.

19. Laptop-Friendly Suitcase

Genius Packing Hacks
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While carrying a laptop make sure to place it between the clothes and use laptop-friendly bags and suitcases with inside belts or protection pockets. This will ensure the safety of your inevitable electronics on the go. It is the best packing hack for travel for people who constantly go on business trips.

20. Carry Belt Bags

Clothes Hack Travel
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Waist bags are good. But belt bags are wonderful, especially for women. How? They can add charm to any of your classic business suits or one-piece dresses. Plus to that, you can keep your hands free and yet carry your cash/card, cell phone, and other essentials. You can also purchase fancy belt bags to coordinate for functions/parties.

Some General Ground Rule Reminders

  • Always keep water bottles with you.
  • Carry a duct tape, it may come in handy for readjusting broken bag handles.
  • Check your luggage weight in advance if opting for airways.
  • If you’re going on hiking, keep a matchbox or lighter with you.
  • Keep all the necessary documents in a wet bag or waterproof bag.

Final Thoughts

Packing is really a tiresome task. We all wish we had some hacks when it comes to collecting all the travel essentials in one place in such a manner that everything fits in its place. While we have to keep some extras with us, the thought of maintaining enough space to carry back the souvenirs is always stuck somewhere in our minds. So to ease your hassle the above blog has enlisted 20 packing hacks for travel that you’ll surely find helpful.