How To Get Your Period In One Hour: From Superfoods To Lifestyle Tips

How To Get Your Period In One Hour: From Superfoods To Lifestyle Tips

Delayed periods? Well, that is problematic, and sometimes you might just turn to a search engine to know how to get your period in one hour.

Our lifestyles have taken a total 360-degree turn from munching on healthy home-cooked food to eating spicy and cheesy street food. In addition to that, the stress that comes with any tension and workloads can lead to hormonal disbalance. On top of it, we tend to completely ignore the imperativeness of exercising.

All this together, gives rise to a plethora of health problems, especially when this lifestyle chaos takes a toll on the body’s natural mechanism to balance your hormones- the snag of irregular menstruation, it’s not easy to deal with. That’s why today we’ll discuss six superfoods that can induce your periods ASAP.

Before We Proceed

  • If you think your periods have been delayed due to conceiving, do not try any of the mentioned ways as it can terminate your pregnancy.
  • It must be noted that forceful quick periods must not become a part of your lifestyle. If you’re constantly facing irregularity in your menstruation cycle, it’s high time to see a gynecologist or general practitioner.
  • Consult with your doctor before adding any of the below-stated items to your regular diet.

How To Get Your Period In One Hour With These 6 Superfoods?

Emmenagogues are natural herbs that are effective in inducing periods. Although there is no scientific research suggesting that these superfoods are a proven method to induce menses, these have long roots associated with traditional medicinal uses and categorized as emmenagogues herbs. So here are some kitchen-friendly substances that can assist you in getting your monthly cycle back on track:

1. Jaggery

How To Get Your Period In One Hour

One of the most celebrated healthy delicacies, jaggery, can help you in calling out your periods.. All you have to do is consume it once or twice a day. You can have it with roasted horse gram (gur-chana) or sip on a cup of warm fennel water (or simple water) with it to set your periods in motion. The warmth of jaggery will force your body’s system to do the monthly discharge.

2. Ginger

How To Get Your Period In One Hour

This typical kitchen ingredient is no less than a blessing for those searching for how to get your period in one hour. Ginger is proven to be a magical aid for a plethora of health conditions be it nausea, headache, vomiting, or on-and-off menses. You can sip on a warm cup of ginger tea (that is made by boiling grated ginger in water) or grate some ginger and get 1 tbsp juice out by pressing grated ginger with your hands, for enhancing its taste add ½ tsp of honey into it.

3. Turmeric

How To Get Your Period In One Hour

Another magic remedy for calling your periods sooner is turmeric.It is said to have blood-thinning properties that can stimulate your monthly cycle sooner. Several research studies have also found turmeric to be helpful in PMS.

4. Papaya

How To Get Your Period In One Hour

Not only papaya but papaya leaf juice (that can be prepared by churning papaya leaves and water in a juicer/mixer, with some salt and/or sugar) is also reportedly a great source of vitamin C and acts as a stimulus for the generation of periods.

5. Sesame Seeds (White)

How To Get Your First Period In 2 Minutes

Another kitchen ingredient that can elevate the level of estrogen in a woman’s body is sesame seeds (also known as ‘safed til’) which is a much-sought solution for how to get your period in one hour. Boil 1 tbsp of sesame seeds in 2 glasses of water  and wait until it is reduced to half of the quantity.. Strain the water and let it come to room temperature or become warm enough to not burn your tongue. Consuming this twice a day can prove to help make your menstrual cycle come back to its normal routine.

6. Carom Seeds (Ajwain)

How To Get Your First Period In 2 Minutes

Here comes the most typical kitchen ingredient that is potent enough to make your periods come fast- carom seeds or ajwain. Put 1 tbsp carom seeds and 1 tbsp jaggery (gur) into the 1 glass of water and bring it to a boil. Wait for it to come at room temperature and sip on it first thing in the morning. This will not only get you going with your menses but will also reduce the pain of cramps.

NOTE: Pregnant women and lactating mothers must not consume any of the above-stated items as they can be harmful to the child.

How To Get Your Period In One Hour: Extra Care

Although you’ve just got to know how to get your period in one hour with some superfoods, it is essential to ensure that other parameters are maintained as well. Let’s see what these parameters are:

(a) Don’t Take Stress

Stress gives birth to a plethora of physical and mental health problems. It also results in hormonal disbalance which directly impacts your menstrual cycle adversely. So if you want to induce your periods at the proper time, make sure not to take too much stress. You can also try yoga and meditation to calm yourself and organize your thoughts.

(b) Cut Down On Junk Food

Unconventional menstruation has become a common problem among teens these days and junk food is responsible for it to a lot of extent. Heavy consumption of fats and spicy food doesn’t act in favor of your hormones and body’s monthly cycle. That’s why cutting down on junk food proportions is inevitable for timely periods.

(c) Hot Water Pack

Applying a hot water pack on the stomach helps in calling menses on time and making sure they run smoothly. Its warmth will make your abdomen region heated which will help induce periods faster. Alternatively, you also take a hot water bath.

(d) Reduce Caffeine Intake

The majority of the global population is addicted to coffee and/or tea. But caffeine intake takes a toll on our hormonal balance.That’s why you must not drink them recklessly. Try to reduce your caffeine intake gradually until you can do all day without it.

(e) Exercise

Physical activities can result in heating your body and thus stimulating periods faster if you want your menstrual cycle to repeat over a normal course of time every month. But if you belong to a hefty professional field, say for example, if you’re an athlete, try to do exercise in limits. This is so because, for someone who already follows a rigorous routine, over-exercising can result in overconsumption of your energy and thus lead to weakness and ultimately make your menses delayed.

Should I Induce Periods?

How To Get Your First Period In 2 Minutes

A plethora of General Practitioners (GPs) and Gynecologists hold the view that tampering with your body’s menses clock is not a good solution. Even if your periods are too late, you must not proceed to add anything to your daily diet without consulting with a specialist. In this era of the internet, several pieces of advice related to how to get your period in one hour or a day would be found online. But health experts feel that trying to control your menstrual cycle on your own is not a smart decision, especially when this is done to keep periods out of the way of an event or vacation.

Inducing forceful periods can result in the following side effects:

  1. Body weight fluctuations
  2. Blood Clotting
  3. Abnormal periods
  4. Skin problems
  5. Hypertension

If you’re experiencing irregularities in your menstrual cycle, then consult a specialist, discuss your previous medical history with them, and then be thorough with the prescribed medications or home remedies.

Final Thoughts

A normal menstrual cycle can be expected to repeat every 26 to 30 days starting right from the day you got your periods on. But lifestyle inadequacies, meds, nutrition deficiencies, and stress can lead to disturbance in it resulting in unconventional or delayed periods.

Nevertheless, certain superfoods do exist that can help in getting your monthly cycle back to normal. The above-article talks of several such superfoods and lifestyle moderations that can make your periods come faster. However, it is strongly recommended not to go down the road of how to get your period in one hour or one day, for an upcoming event or vacation. That’s not a smart reason to tamper with your body.

NOTE: If experiencing irregular periods, make sure to consult with a specialist and then proceed with anything.