How To Make Softer Ice At Home: 7 Trouble-Free Ways

How To Make Softer Ice At Home: 7 Trouble-Free Ways

Cold coffee, ice cream sundaes, or milkshakes, without soft ice, none of them can taste better. That’s why today we’ll learn about how to make softer ice.

Ice cubes spend a plethora of their time in the freezer, it becomes so hard that it can hurt your hand if a proper technique is not used for scooping it out. Soft ice is much easier to add to smoothies and other beverages. Moreover, it adds a bit more sweetness to your chilled frozen dessert glass. Furthermore, if you remember how well your childhood summers were made with freezies topped with delicious flavorful syrups, you must be willing to get the nostalgic feel again.

Not only is crushed soft ice delicious, it is easier to chew. So let’s learn how to thaw your ice so that you can have the best of the bestest taste. Furthermore,

Different Types of Ice

Before we proceed further to discuss how to make softer ice, you must know what different types of ice you can have.

Here are 4 types of ice:

  • Hard Ice: The regular ice that you store in the freezer in a normal ice tray or container. Such ice is hard and has more density and fewer air gaps in comparison to the other forms of ice.
  • Slush Ice: This is what you get when you blend ice cubes or bigger ice chunks in a blender. Make slush ice by putting any drink through a blender with plenty of hard ice until the machine runs smooth.
  • Crushed Ice: Crushed ice is often pebbles-kind of chewy chunks of ice that can be added to soft drinks, cardboard drinks, cold coffee, smoothies or milkshakes, etc.
  • Soft Ice: Soft ice is what you get by the tactics you’ll read in this article. It appears like small ice granules that are easy to chew and can be added to a plethora of drinks, frozen desserts, and cold beverages.

Read further to know how to make softer ice at home.

How To Make Softer Ice At Home? 

If you use the wrong method to soften the ice, it’ll either get crumbled into huge chunks or would be hard to bite down. But with these 7 tricks work like wonder for getting soft icel:

1. Opt For A Mini Ice Tray

One of the easiest ways to get soft ice is to freeze water in a mini ice tray. It is the most convenient way to have soft ice faster. Because the density of ice cubes from mini ice trays is much less than that of an ice cube of a regular size. You can use silicone trays for getting ice cubes out without much hefts.

How To Make Softer Ice
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All you need to do is, buy a mini ice tray, wash it and fill it with fresh drinking water and put the tray into the freezer. Wait until the cubes get frozen, then take them out and thaw them using a kitchen roller.

2. Ice Shaver

An ice shaver can surely do the job if you ended up on this article struggling to find ways on how to make softer ice. You can invest in a manual or automatic ice shaver. Both will give you easy-to-chew small ice granules for usage.

how to make cloudy ice at home
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As per the instructions in your user manual, you can shave the larger ice cubes into small flakes. Nevertheless, the process to use most ice shavers is as follows: wash the ice shaver and then assemble it. Put the ice cubes into the upper section and make sure you have placed the container on the bottom side. Furthermore, rotate the angular stick or press the button to compress the ice and get small flakes out of it.

3. Leave The Ice Tray In Refrigerator

keeping ice in refrigerator
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Confused? Well, the temperature of the freezer department is much lower in comparison to that of the refrigerator compartment. So to bring the temperature to the maximum possible temperature so that you can get soft ice, you must put the ice tray into the refrigerator. Once you get the ice a little melted, take it out, and thaw it or crush it in a blender.

4. Invest In Muddler

soft ice machine
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It might sound like an old-school idea, but a muddler is one of the efficient and budget-oriented, and user-friendly alternatives for those who don’t know how to make softer ice. It is as easy as ABC to use a muddler to get soft ice. First, you take ice cubes into a container and then thaw them with a muddler. You’ll get easy-to-chew ice flakes for preparing your frozen dessert..

5. Nugget Ice Machine

how to make nugget ice at home
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A nugget ice maker machine is the bestest fit for those who don’t want to go through the hefts of getting flakes from ice. On a lazy Sunday morning, you might feel like throwing a few cubicles of ice into your glass of freshly brewed iced tea. But you sure want them softer to make munching on them easier to tackle for your teeth. A nugget ice maker machine can give you softer ice cubes in almost no time.

6. Freeze Club Soda Or Carbonated Soda

carbonated ice cubes V/s normal water ice cubes
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Another tactic for you since you want to know how to make softer ice is to free club soda or carbonated water or soda. But make sure to fill the ice tray only until half. Make sure to fill the cubicles only until half the quantity. This is so because the carbonated soda/water will expand on freezing when it takes the form of ice cubicles. So the next time you’re stuck thinking about what to do to get soft ice, you know the trick.

7. Half Freeze Water

This is an exquisite idea if you are just a beginner in the kitchen and wish to know how to make softer ice. There aren’t any hefts in this one, all you need to do is fill a water bottle slightly less than fuller. Leave it in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours. Basically, you need softer ice, so you must ensure that the water in the bottle doesn’t completely freeze, it needs to be half-frozen. 

how long does it take to make soft ice
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When you’ll check the bottle, the water will be in the form of crushed soft ice. Take out the ice or just pour some espresso, milk, and chocolate syrup into the bottle and shake it well. Your beverage would be in your hands. Oh, don’t forget the straw!

Final Thoughts

Soft ice is needed for a plethora of purposes, whether you’re trying a cafe-styled frappuccino at home, need an ice pack for a headache, or want to elevate the taste of a frozen dessert. But getting soft ice can seem a pretty tactful task until you know how to get soft ice. The above article has enlisted 7 ways to get softer ice. Hope it helps! So do you have any suggestions, then comment below and share your views on the best machines to get soft ice effortlessly.