These are the best and worst cities in the world for work-life balance

These are the best and worst cities in the world for work-life balance


Can you guess the most overworked cities? (Picture: Getty/ pandemic threw the world of work as we knew it on its head. 
We’ve seen working-from-home burnout arise, along with people putting in longer hours at home – as a result of professional and personal boundaries being blurred. 
Work-life balance has never been more important. 
But new research has shed light on the cities doing this well – and the ones falling short.
Software company Kisi looked at 50 cities worldwide, to see which encouraged a healthy balance of work and play.
They focused on three key elements: work intensity, society and institutions and city livability – all of which they say play an important role in keeping a work-life balance, now and beyond the pandemic.
It hardly comes as a surprise that Scandavania does incredibly well in the rankings – with Denmark, Norway and Sweden all making it into the top five.
Helsinki in Finland was named the best city for work-life balance – which makes sense considering that it was crowned the happiest country in the world earlier this year, too.
Other cities to make it into the top ten include Copenhagen, Ottawa, Munich, Vancouver, Amsterdam and Sydney.

Best cities for work-life balance:

Helsinki, Finland
Oslo, Norway
Zurich, Switzerland
Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
Ottawa, Canada
Munich, Germany
Vancouver, Canada
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sydney, Australia

Kisi commented: ‘These cities had the best social, cultural and structural systems in place in order to provide their residents with the most well-rounded work-life balance, in terms not only of work intensity, but also livability, well-being and rights.’
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However, the most overworked cities were also identified and, perhaps unsurprisingly, London was named as one – in tenth place. 
The top three culprits were Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, in first, second and third place, respectively.
These locations were found to be where employees were the most burnt out, stressed and burdened by their work.

Most overworked cities:
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Singapore, Singapore
Bangkok, Thailand
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Seoul, South Korea
Tokyo, Japan
Houston, USA
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Calgary, Canada
London, UK

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