Brie Larson Shares Her Favorite Things for Summer 2021 in New Youtube Video

Brie Larson Shares Her Favorite Things for Summer 2021 in New Youtube Video


In the last few years there has been something of a surge in stars becoming more accessible to their fans ,whether recording personalized messages on Cameo or making appearances via Zoom. Now, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson has gone and made a very casual video about all of her current favorite things and shared it with her 600k followers on YouTube. So what makes the 31-year-old actress happy when she is away from the glare of studio lights and cameras?
Appearing in the Youtube video, which is titled “My Current Favorite Things Summer 21 Edition”, the star welcomes her watchers in a bright, pastel room, surrounded by animal cushions, piles of DVDs and sporting a very summery look; hair tied back and wearing a light blue animal and flower design dress.
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Wasting little of her 6 minute video on introduction, she quickly delves into her list of likes, starting with her top video games, which she says are a major part of her life and help her to decompress. Among her best loved games she lists Animal Crossing, which is apparent from the cushions and toys from the game that are scattered around the sofas she sits on, the ever popular Fortnite and gives a special mention to some Nintendo classics. “Mario Kart,” she says, “has been there for me through and through. A special mention to Mario Party which has been the source of many tears and arguments over the years with my sister.”
Next on her agenda, are a list of books that she is currently reading. “Why do more people not ask what books are you reading?” she asks. “They always say what movies are you watching, or what TV shows are you watching, so why not what books are you reading?” Telling her viewers that she always has more than one book on the go, she runs through the books currently gaining her attention, including Meaning by Mariah Carey, which is reveals was sent to her by the singer herself.

Having already mentioned how people always want to talk about movies and TV shows, Larson does what is only right and divulges what floats her boat when it comes to the big and small screen, with a few surprises. Rather than being a lover of the big action movies she has frequently been part of, her movies of choice are foreign language films found on the |Criterion Channel. As a sort of counter to this, she also picks up the pile of DVDs that were sitting beside her, revealing them to be the entire Mary-Kate & Ashley movie collection, which she cites as being one of the reasons she is able to do the job she does, as everything she does is because they did it first. I never realized what gods of the screen The Olsen Twins were but there you go.
Having ticked off most of the topics she wants to talk about, Larson winds down the video with a list of her best loved TV shows, of which The Office is her obsession, although she does make mention to WandaVision and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier also having been on her list of recent watches, proving that even celebrities are pulled into the popular series’ just like any other regular Joe. In the same way, Larson brandishes a pack of Churro Strips at the camera, which she states, along with mention to Highkey Mini Cookies and the little heard of Hawaiian Coconut Peanut Butter, is just one of the snacks that she likes to indulge in while doing all of the activities she has just shared with everyone.
Wrapping up by giving her Learning Lots podcast, which she started with Jessie Ennis, a quick plug, and adding that a couple of her personal favorite podcasts are Still Processing and How Did This Get Made?, she then ends the video by explaining that the purpose of the video is just her way of sharing with her fans some of the things that make her happy, and she encourages them share some of the things that bring them joy in the comments.
The video seems to be the product of that new trend of stars appearing to be more accessible to their fans, whether responding to videos on TikTok, or, in this case, sharing a little bit of their personal life that used to be hidden from the world. This kind of video, relaxed, light and airy, lets fans believe that they are almost having a chat with a friend. With 50k views in less than 24 hours, it seems there are plenty of people out there who are happy to tune in for this kind of experience with her whenever she is in the mood to share.

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