Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Vacation with Miles Teller and his Wife in Hawaii: ‘Perfect partners’!!!

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Vacation with Miles Teller and his Wife in Hawaii: 'Perfect partners'!!!


Shailene Woodley and life partner Aaron Rodgers’ couples trip with Miles Teller and spouse Keleigh Sperry Teller gets gutsy after the four were seen singing karaoke in Maui prior to this week. Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers’ couple’s outing is as yet pushing ahead!

In a new Instagram post from Miles Teller’s better half Keleigh Sperry Teller, the four are seen presenting before a beautiful cascade on their excursion to Hawaii, where the two couples have been traveling over the previous week.
“Lakes with perfect partners ???? ,” Sperry Teller wrote in the inscription.
Additionally remembered for the post was a photograph of the couples climbing on a green mountainside and a video of the four moving close by the stones close to fast waters. The Big Little Lies star, 29, is seen waving at the camera before it container to a perspective on the climbing pools.
In another Instagram post from Sperry Teller soon thereafter, the couples grinned hugely in a selfie together before the dusk close to the water.
“Happiness????,” Sperry Teller composed.
In a video apparently shared on Instagram by artist Akoni prior to being cross-presented on Twitter recently, Woodley and her NFL-player lover, 37, are seen moving to an Akoni front of “Remain by Me” at what gives off an impression of being a café as Woodley’s Divergent costar Teller, 34, and Sperry Teller, 28, do the equivalent close by.
Later in the clasp, Rodgers can be seen playing the guitar while the gathering chimes in to “Cart Wheel.”
The last piece of film shows Woodley, Sperry Teller, and the Whiplash entertainer all taking an interest in a karaoke meeting, belting out the hit tune “Shallow” from the A Star Is Born soundtrack. The couples’ outing comes after the pair, who affirmed their commitment in February, visited Walt Disney World in April, and went to the Kentucky Derby on May 1 close by Teller and his significant other.

While some in the couple’s circle were at first incredulous about how the Green Bay Packers quarterback and Woodley — who is additionally a blunt ecological extremist — would find a way into one another’s universes when they began dating the previous summer.


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