Porsha Williams’ Daughter, PJ Is Growing Up Really Fast – Check Out These Pics!

Porsha Williams' Daughter, PJ Is Growing Up Really Fast - Check Out These Pics!


Porsha Williams shared a bunch of new pics in which her daughter PJ looks amazing. She is becoming quite a young lady. Someone said: ‘It’s PJ for meee ???? that smile!’ and another commenter posted this: ‘Pj is really my fav? that’s my Instagram niece ??’ RELATED: Porsha Williams Breaks The Internet Together With Her Daughter PJ In This People Magazine Christmas Edition One fan said: ‘Kids don’t lie . Their body language & demeanor around adults speaks volume . Porsha in love & that man love her too ❤️ Happy to see it,’ and another follower said: ‘Y’all been ain’t no way y’all blended family’s that fast ???’ A commenter said: ‘Buoy Porsha cant be mad with you anymore. I love this. You are being a mom to Simon’s daughter. Awesome??’ and one other follower dropped this message in the comments: ‘PJ in that first slide is absolutely too cute ❤️❤️❤️’ RELATED: NeNe Leakes Fired From RHOA? Insiders Claim Bravo Plans To Take Her Peach Over Nasty Brawl Someone else said: ‘while social distance boops flapping her teeth. Pwilly living her best life?❤️’ Porsha also shared the following post: ‘What are we watching, listening to, and loving right now?! Find out on an all new #Porsha4Real! Listen on Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and any streaming audio platform!’ she wrote. In other recent news, Porsha Williams   shared a post on her social media account for  Andy Cohen   ‘s birthday. Check it out below. A fan said: ‘Love that you posted pics that were flattering of him and confident enough to know it’s not about you #youdtolllookbeautiful #muchshadetoyourcastmate #sheknowsSMH ❤️❤️’ Porsha Williams  shared a photo of herself and her mom and both of them look great. See the pic below. Someone said: ‘You wanted that private jet life huh,’ and another follower posted this message: ‘I can just hear her now. Oh Porsha this is beautiful.’ Porsha   shared an   RHOA post on her social media account, showing fans how she has fun with her girls. Check out her post. Stay tuned for more news.


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