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John Goodman Celebrated by Fans for Father’s Day and His 69th Birthday


John Goodman is trending online as fans pay tribute to the iconic actor in honor of both Father’s Day and his birthday. On Sunday, John Goodman turned 69 years old, prompting fans everywhere to post well wishes on Twitter. Because of his role as Dan Conner on Roseanne and The Conners, Goodman is also seen as a father figure for many, and so it feels fitting that his birthday just so happens to fall on Father’s Day this year as well.
“Happy Father’s day to my Tv Dad Dan Conner!! Also wishing John Goodman a Happy Birthday!” tweeted one fan.
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Happy Father’s day to my Tv Dad Dan Conner!!Also wishing John Goodman a Happy Birthday! https://t.co/Y9ppL8lVKl— Estuary ♒????#bb23 (@ItsEstuary) June 20, 2021Another fan tweeted, “Happy Father’s Day to John Goodman, who I would like to claim as my dad, even though he’s not. I just really love him.”
“happy birthday to the egregiously Emmy-less for his role on Roseanne John Goodman!” says someone else.

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Tweeting a photo of Goodman in a Black Flag shirt, another fan writes, “Happy Birthday John Goodman! Is there anybody more jovial than this guy? Love him.”
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As he’s perhaps best known for playing Dan Conner in Roseanne and The Conners, Goodman is widely known as one of the all-time most popular dads on television. It’s no surprise to see him getting so much love for Father’s Day. COZI TV is celebrating with a Roseanne marathon for Father’s Day, showcasing some of Dan’s best moments. A tweet from COZI TV tells fans to “vote for DAN CONNER for Number One Dad” by watching the Father’s Day marathon.
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Other fans appreciate Goodman more so for his work in movies, which includes his iconic role in The Big Lebowski. Thinking of the hit comedy, one fan posted to Twitter: “It’s John Goodman’s birthday. He’ll always be Roseanne’s hubby obviously, but I liked him most as Walter in The Big Lebowski. Big Cardinals fan is a plus too.”
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A tweet from Film School Rejects highlights Goodman’s roles playing dads in movies like Speed Racer, Punchline, and The Princess and the Frog. The tweet reads: “Considering he played one of the best TV dads of all time, it’s surprising John Goodman hasn’t had many paternal roles in movies. But it’s his birthday and Father’s Day combined, so let’s spotlight his best feature film dads.”
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Another famous dad played by Goodman is Fred Flintstone in the live-action movie adaptation of The Flintstones. His other movie credits include O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Argo, Patriots Day, and Atomic Blonde. The actor is also known to Disney fans for voicing Sulley in the Monsters, Inc. movies. He reprises the role for the new series Monsters at Work with Billy Crystal also returning as the voice of Mike. A trailer has been released for the series ahead of its debut on Disney+ next month.
Let us also join the fans in wishing John Goodman the very best on his 69th birthday. For more of Goodman as Dan Conner, who just might be TV’s favorite dad, you can watch him on The Conners. Following three successful seasons, the show was renewed for a fourth season in April. Fan can also check out Goodman’s return as Sulley in Monsters at Work when it debuts on Disney+ on July 7. You can find many more tribute posts to the actor on Twitter.
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